What Is The Most Amount Of Carbs You Have Ever Bolused For?

big meals like Thanksgiving, Passover Seder, Easter, Christmas…or, if you’re like eric, just about any day of the week (did you see his wife’s sandwich that she made for him??? LOL)

well, we all know that we need a little extra help from our insulin to cover these long and sometimes arduous meals, but seriously, how much insulin is the most insulin you’ve ever taken at one sitting (and dont be shy about including the correction insulin you’ve had to take to make up for the little things you didnt originally account for…)

(i am home sick today and bored out of my mind, so i thought i would come to FUD as its the perfect forum to discuss food :wink: )

be as honest as possible :wink:


I remember the first time eating Indian food out after I was diagnosed…I’m pretty sure I bolused for 65 carbs and it still wasn’t enough. Since then I’ve learned to cut way back on the Naan and rice (or eliminate it all together).

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I once bolused 60u at one time. I forgot what it was for, but it wasn’t enough. Taken a correction of 45u


We’ll, consider I use on average of 20 TDD… (usually pretty evenly split between basal and bolus)… 28.

For a pecan pie.

A whole one.

All to myself.

And it was delicious. No regrets.


thats sounds like what happened after my birthday dinner. o definately bolused over 60 units and i still had to take several IM shots on top of that.

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so was my key lime pie, despite the fact that it kept me up all night doing corrections :wink:

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I don’t remember how many units exactly, but this sweet woman in Brooklyn sent me a cheesecake recently…


I think biggest bolus was about 15u for 200 carbs but its only been a year. I did eat 800 carbs in a day while racing an ultra but I was just feeding the basal and just had to correct with one unit near the beginning. TDD has been about 30 lately.


only 30 units TDD ? thats what i take on a “sick day.” and you’re and elite runner? when you ate 800 carbs, you only bolused 1 unit? even after a race i would think you would need more than 1 unit ! am i misunderstanding???

I think she was talking about while she was running an ultra.

In terms of exercise, think about how you totally turn off your insulin for a total of 3.5 hours (counting the time you are in the pool), and that is for 1.5 hours of swimming.

Now imagine what would happen if you were swimming for 6 hours, or 8 hours!

While I am running hard, my I:C is somewhere between 1:275 and 1:350. It’s all totally different.



I ate an entire DiGiorno one time. That was a lot of shots. 216 grams of carbs. Not something I plan on repeating.


Sometimes you just gotta eat the whole thing. 'Nuff said :sweat_smile:


I am a lowish carb eater, as in less than 100g a day… but I had a “fun” meal a few months ago. It was simple - large burger, fries and milkshake - about 180g of carbs - I took 40 units :laughing:

I think for some people that is probably a normal meal so it is not really that much I guess.

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I’m loving this thread! Being new at this, internet forums often makes you feel like everyone eats perfect all the time. Thanks for reminding me that we all have our moments, and have lived to tell the tale! :joy:


I had a Burger King Spicy Chicken, fries and a diet coke for lunch. I’ ve taken about 90u so far and my Bg is still over 200. Wonder what the rebound will be. 103 g carbs.


Yes - why waste perfectly good insulin on regular coke :laughing:


this is prime real estate hysterical!! you’re a regular Letterman :blush:

thats about 4 days worth of insulin for me :wink:

Seriously, my insulin use could almost be covered by that pen. I started to back off my 300g carb diet a year ago and spent the money on food, not insulin.