Success at over bolusing at a restaurant

Last night i went out for an enormous dinner at a steak house to celebrate my cousins 60th birthday. i was really anxious about going, being around all this food that i didn’t think i would be able to have, but just to be able to sit there and watch everyone else enjoy themselves. i was too afraid to bolus such a large amount of insulin, and i wasn’t certain how to dual bolus for the fatty and enormous steak which was the center stage of the entire meal. and it was going to be one of those 4 hour meals that just won’t end.

to make the situation even more complicated was that i’ve been home sick with some sort of bug, on antibiotics all week and using a 150% temp basal rate. this evening would be my first out of bed in 7 days. how on earth would i navigate this?

well, as you might suspect, i turned to the master of THE FORCE, our own beloved Eric, and drilled him with questions. all he could say to me was "do what i’ve been telling you all along: over bolus and if your BGs are too low, eat more "

now that sounds so simple. but i’ve been so afraid to take the chance and go plummeting down mid-meal or in the car on the way home, or at 4:30 in the morning…etc. so i never wanted to put his plan into use. but now seemed as good a time as ever, and i didn’t want to make a big deal about my D. so i began calculating my carb, fat, and protein numbers and then doubled them. i bolused for 75 grams and decided that if i needed more insulin mid meal, i would just take more. i was nervous, but i was excited, too. and what was even more fun was i let myself relax and enjoy rather than worrying about my BG numbers. i knew i could always correct a high, but wouldn’t a low be more fun to correct (especially when i looked over their desert menu).

the whole table ordered together and we would share everything: four large porterhouse steaks, 4 plates of their famous roasted potatoes, 4 bowls of creamed spinach, two lg plates of crispy onion rings, tomatoes and onions, blue cheese and slab bacon salad (OMG ; and i don’t even like bacon :smile: ). and, obviously, bread and very creamy irresistible butter. the waiter served us, and then we dug in for seconds and thirds.

well, 1/2 way through the meal, i went into the ladies room and washed my hands and tested my BG. i was 93. so far, so good (but i knew that the slab bacon and steak were going to creep up on me later and i still wanted desert.) i bolused another 3 units. so now i already had over 10 units IOB. i think that this is the most i have ever bolused in my life. but that didn’t stop me from ordering a slice of key lime pie and helping my husband finish off his apple strudel (possibly the best i have ever had, including in Germany).

at the end of the meal,I tested again and my BG was 107. great. but i knew i would have to keep a close eye on things. there was so much food that probably didn’t hit my system yet, with all that fat slowing everything down. so i just kept on testing every hour or so. before bed my BG was 92. sounded reasonable, so i went to sleep.

now i mention this a lot, but i will just say it for the sake of consistency: i always wake up without an alarm several times a night and when i do, i make certain to test (you’ve probably figured it out by now that i don’t use a CGM ). at around 2am, my BG was 140, so i did a bolus correction and went back to sleep. at 4am my BG was 193 (quite high, but not out of the ball park, and it didn’t surprise me as i was anticipating it .) i corrected and went back to sleep.

when i woke up this morning, my BG was 118 (higher than a typical fasting BG, but considering my illness and the amount of food i consumed, it was a major success story.)

just wanted everyone to know, when you don’t think you can get away with eating it, just over bolus and eat and enjoy :wink: you won’t be sent to diabetic hell b/c it doesn’t exist. ( you may put on a few pounds, but unlike D, you can always lose that, if and when you want to.)

yours truly, DM reporting the best food experiment ever.


This is awesome! So glad you were able to enjoy what sounds like a fantastic meal! I hope you’re feeling better, too.


Thanks so much. If I am not in touch with you guys for more than a day I can forget that I am Unlimited. This was a huge hurdle for me :bangbang:


I am very happy to hear about your dinner and the success you had with it!

There is a reason that double works so well. I want to post a little bit about that at some point. A couple of graphs could illustrate the whole concept.

The disease doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple things can make it so much easier to manage. I am thrilled at your numbers and how this turned out for you!

One other thing to tell you:

Welcome to the dark side…



Bravo DM!


Congratulations, DM. I’ve been impressed by the growth you showed through your swimming thread (with a hat tip to Eric), and this is a nice continuation.


I am very eager to see your posts with graphs regarding doubling your carb counts because it did work well for me; it did seem insane as I was doing it, but you brought me this far, so why not just continue trusting in your wisdom and experience and expertise :sunglasses:thx.

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I am, too! I was just thinking of asking about this earlier, as I made an accident in carb counting for dessert the other night (didn’t eat as many carbs as I normally would have), and it actually ended up working out perfectly.

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Did you over bolus or under bolus? At least, which did you think you did?

Glad it worked out for you, though. Awesome.

I know @Eric always has rationale behind his suggestions so I also will be interested in this.


Over! Dosed for ~45 carbs and ate only 30. My blood sugar went to 119, so if I had bolused for double carbs, I think it would’ve been exactly where I want to be (around 100).


Great job. It’s funny how we learn so much from our mistakes.

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Thanks! Also nice because it was ice cream, which always sends me to ~150s with my current ICR. I’m doing further tests tonight to confirm it wasn’t just a fluke. :wink:

Eat more ice cream just to double check. What flavor?

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The “accident” was dark chocolate. Tonight’s was salted caramel chocolate chip, my current favorite.

And by the way, key lime pie is probably my favorite pie. :heart_eyes:

I’m a low-carber, but you know what, I agree with you. There is nothing that someone with diabetes can’t eat if they take enough insulin for it. Sure, people may decide that they don’t want to eat something because they don’t want to deal with a (possible) blood sugar roller coaster. That’s fair enough, but that’s a choice, not something worth getting stressed out over if one consciously decides to make that choice.

I can’t imagine stressing out about a meal just because of diabetes. For a special occasion, take extra insulin, eat the food, relax and enjoy! For me, severe food allergies prevent me from doing that, but if I didn’t have food allergies, I absolutely would sit back and enjoy even though I usually stick to a low-carb way of eating.

With severe food allergies, I would be quite stressed sitting at a table with potatoes, cheese, butter, creamed anything, tomatoes and shared food! I’d be so nervous of touching anything around me and of cross-contamination and you can bet I wouldn’t eat any of it. If I ate at all, I’d order my own separate plate and make sure it was prepared and served in a safe manner. But food allergies are a whole different ball game than diabetes. Diabetes causes enough stress as it is; don’t let it create stress where there doesn’t need to be any.


this is freedom :sunny:


Congrats - double bolus is the way to go- in past times when I would eat like that going out I’d take triple or quadruple bolus as there is always dessert to fix a low !