Experiment Bolusing for Chinese Food

Last night we had Chinese food and I decided to try the approach to insulin dosing that Daisy Mae & Eric have discussed (thank you very much)!!

At 6:00pm my BG was 84 and I estimated a 60 carb meal then bolused 65% upfront with the remaining 35% extended for an hour. I had a about 1/2 cup of rice with a beef and portobello mushroom dish (which didn’t have much of a sauce).

I like the way it worked out, BG didn’t go above 115. This confirmed what I already suspected, I need to bolus more aggressively when eating higher carbs meals.



this graph looks perfect. but, even if a meal is high in carbs, sometimes when you introduce fatty foods into the mix, it slows down the carbs from digesting, so you kind of need to fiddle with it; i had two large slices of pizza the other day and i bolused 35% upfront and 65% over a 2.5 hour extended bolus. it worked out like yours did. a perfect flatline. but YDMV.

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