What do you put your RileyLink in?

I am omni looping and use the RileyLink. For the phone, I’m using an iPhone SE. I bought a credit card pouch that sticks on the back of the phone that was recommended, but it is separating and peeling off. I think it is just too big.

So I’m looking for some recommendations!

I thought I remember somewhere someone recommending an iPhone wireless earbud case of some sort, but can’t find it?

What are you using?

This is what we use to protect the RL

Hard shell armor


I just use the key ring it came with to attach it to my iPhone SE case, so they are always connected. I carry them in my pocket/bag/waist bag, sometimes inside a zipped lock baggie. Not very sophisticated, I know :frowning:


I just carry the RL in a front pants pocket, with loose change, keys, and a tube of glucose tabs.