What a diabetic looks like

Hitting a double!


signed, proud Dad.


What a healthy looking boy. :slight_smile:

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Has he cut a hole in one of the fingertips of the batting gloves for BG testing yet?


A catcher who also hits? Get a contract ready.

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Hasn’t cut one yet, he still has enough time to stick and put the glove back on, but he has almost worn a hole through a finger, so he will have that convenience soon enough. I will be the only one sick, because his hitting gloves are almost $40 a pair.

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Well if he takes to his mother’s side there is hope, if he takes after my side of the family he won’t be taller than 5’7" so not many contracts being offered for that size catcher.

Maybe he could play standing upright? If you really think about it it might be advantageous… a lot quicker to throw the ball when you’re not crouching


Awesome T1 kid you got! Here’s another type 1.

Brandon Morrow may find his blood sugar levels elevated like the speed of his fastball today. After all, it’s not uncommon for a pitcher to have a surge of adrenaline knowing he is going to pitch in the World Series.

Luckily for Morrow, a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers who has Type 1 diabetes, he already has honed his blood sugar management so that it has becomes an almost subconscious routine. In multiple interviews over the years, the 11-year Major League veteran has described how he has learned through trial and error what works for him to be at peak performance when he takes the mound.

Here’s the source article.
Type 1’s can be awesome!


Hey, make sure you post it in the unlimited pictures thread. That one is buried back somewhere.

Here it is: