Being Unlimited

Well we had our first big tournament of the year! Our diabetic catcher played in a 25 team U14 tournament and took second! Played 7 games in three days, went 6-1, and played over 21 hours of baseball. We had a few diabetic issues during the games, but not many. My son caught over 35 innings in the three days and had a blast with his friends.


That is so awesome! I am so proud of him!

Would you be OK with our doing a tweet on it, about his being unlimited? This pic is so perfect too!!!

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I love stories like this! Good for your entire family to enjoy this victory, and thanks for sharing this unlimited moment!

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Tweet away

That great! Congrats to him!

Congrats all around!!

From one catcher to another, AWESOME!!!

35 innings in 3 days earns him the Iron Man award.

Awesome! A beautiful image and description from a proud papa. Can’t tell which one I loved more.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Our son is mesmerized by the ball going into the glove, btw.

Thank you!

Yeah, the pictures are fun, every year when we go to our away tournament I rent a beast of a lens (Nikon 200-400 f4 vrII) and it takes great pics. I thought about buying this one at one point, but my wife reminded me that our kids will go to college someday. FYI - the lens costs almost $7000, but they rent it to us for $60 a weekend.


A great pic!

Check our Twitter stream :slight_smile:

@michel I’d like to check out the Twitter stream. But, I have never been to Twitter, don’t have an account, don’t know how to find the FUD Twitter stream.

Can you give an old geezer some instructions?

@docslotnick, here goes:

Twitter is the ultimate millennial tool for people with no attention span: it only gives you 140 characters to say all you want. So, when you are a Twitter member (on Twitter.com), you get an account where you have to define (a) a name, and (2) a “handle”, which is a special, unique ID, if you will, which always starts with @.

For instance, our name is F.U. Diabetes, and our handle is @fudiabetes (the later is unique, no one else can have the same). If you became a member, you might request for a name, for instance, Barnaby Slotnowski, MD (there may be others with same name), and ask for the handle @docslotnick (must be unique).

Once you are a member, you will want to “follow” other members. There is a place where you can search for others. You can enter, for instance, @fudiabetes, and you will likely find us and also all the posts that people have made that mention our name. Every time you see someone you like, you can “follow” them. For there on, you will see, in your twitter stream (i.e. on your home screen), all the posts of the people you follow.

One last thing you need to know to start with: there are “mottos” or memes on twitter, that are called hashtags. For instance, two such hashtags are #diabetes (hashtags always start with #) and #Insulin4All. People use a hashtag when they want to relate their tweet to the theme of the hashtag. For instance, when I tweet, I often use #diabetes, because I figure that, when people search for #diabetes, they should find us.

The way you relate to others on twitter:

  • Like their tweet

  • retweet their tweet (so that your followers see it)

  • reply to their tweet

  • give them a Donald – it is the ultimate sign of disrespect (just kidding…)

If someone follows you, you can also message them, but only if they follow you

Hope this makes sense!


Thank you @Michel. Very interesting. I think the reason that I never got into using Twitter is that I could never hold my comments down to just 140 chara