T1D Brandon Morrow pitching for Dodgers

Anyone tracking with Brandon Morrow for LA?


Makes me think of @Cody, @Chris!


@Irish Great stories! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
It’s always great to see someone who is unlimited by diabetes. Even if Morrow has been limited by other ailments.

As a high school senior, he was diagnosed with diabetes, a condition that athletes across numerous sports have managed well enough to compete at a world-class level, but still an obstacle. Since then, Morrow has suffered biceps tendinitis, an abdominal strain that kept him out for more than two months in 2012, radial nerve entrapment in his right forearm in 2013, a torn tendon sheath in his index finger in 2014, surgery to remove damaged tissue from his shoulder in 2015, and numerous minor nagging injuries to his forearm and shoulder throughout his career.

It’s pretty telling that it seems like diabetes has been his least problematic ailment in his career. That’s what I call Unlimited!

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It really is! One line I did wonder about. In one of the articles it says he doesn’t wear his pump while pitching. How does this strike you guys? That’s up to four hours without insulin!

I wonder if that is a typo or perhaps that’s changed in recent years for him? Of course, these days he’s a reliever, so his pitch time is limited, but still. Maybe he uses shots during that time…or doesn’t monitor during games? It would be fascinating to see what his cgm trace looked like during games (the article doesn’t clarify whether he uses one).

In between innings he could re-connect ?

There’s no telling. He may leave the pump on until he is called out to pitch. He may do a basal shot of lantus or something.

You know the only way we ever hear details that we always want?!?! When the writer of the article is a diabetic! Other than that, we never really find out all that we want to! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pretty sure Jay Cuttler doesn’t wear a pump while QBing either

No, Cutler does injections between possessions. He tried the pump but didn’t want to use it in games.

That’s got to be a lot to juggle… would seem so much better to just use Lantus on game day instead

I am sure he uses a combination. No matter what basal you are using, you still might occasionally want to take an injection. I wouldn’t think he’d test at something like 200 and just let it ride.

During a game he might… who knows. We should get him on here, he’s unlimited

Invite him. Send him a PM with the subject - Come join FUD!

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Kimala the Ugandan Giant has the betes but he however is no longer unlimited

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I wonder if that would get his attention

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I’d like him except I’m a Cubs fan… Maybe I’ll be a fan of him next year but between the Cubs and the Rockies, its tough to like a Dodger.

Living in Colorado and as a Bears fan. Cutler. Eh… Gives me mood swings.

I think most of those Novo Nordisk cycling guys have a dexcom but choose to be mdi. It would be interesting to ask.

I’ve always been a fan of Kris Freeman (xc skiier)…