Welcome, introduce yourself here!


Greetings @kspann and welcome to FUD. We’re all pretty harmless, maybe not to ourselves but certainly to other members :wink:

With 38 successful years I’m in sure you’ve got some wisdom.


Welcome @kspann. I have a trigger finger also and just got a cortisone shot in my hand last week (this was the 2nd one). What kind of treatment did you have and do you still have your trigger fingers?


Welcome, @kspann!


I had it about 3 months ago. Also cortisone shots in the hands. Two in the left and 1 in the right. In the early mornings, I have some stiff fingers but no locking like I was having before. Dr. said to expect a few months and then another shot will be needed. After 3 shots, they can look at asking for surgery (Think United HealthCare).


Aren’t those shots in the hand the most painful things ever! How long after the shot did the locking go away? It’s been a week and I still have stiffness in the morning and my finger catches when I close it all of the way. But I am able to straighten it more easily.


Mine was gone about 24 hours later but I was sore from the shots for about 3 days… And yes. One of the most painful things I have experienced.


I had trigger fingers, thumbs in 1980-1990s, and they were always treated with surgery only. I think 8 of my 10 fingers are done. Ring finger and thumb on dominant hand I think were first to go. Years later, had carpal tunnel release, both hands. All healed, and no additional issues since.

Only time I had cortisone was for frozen shoulder, and had super high BGs, while using NPH+Reg only, so very hard to keep BG in range.


I think I’m doing this in the wrong order, but figure that I should officially introduce myself even though I’ve already posted on other threads. But that is also part of my story. :blush: I found FUD a few months ago when my short-acting insulin was accidentally frozen – and I was panicked. When I searched online, I had little hope of finding anything helpful. How glad I was to be wrong! Turns out that @Chris (thanks!) had done some helpful research on his own and shared it for others of us to see. the-great-frozen-insulin-experiment-part-2/1146

I was diagnosed with T1 diabetes when I was 11, back in 1972, so I have passed my 46 year diaversary (I like that term). :slight_smile:

I am married and have two grown sons, one of whom is married. We raised our family in western Washington, but our lives took a big turn in 2010. At that time my husband and I moved to Papua New Guinea for my husband’s work.

I am currently using a Dexcom G4 with MDI. I have pumped in the past, but it’s not as workable here. The CGM has become more of a necessity as I have slept through too many lows in the last few years.

My challenges are maintaining BG while on-the-go plus dealing with supplies while living remotely in a foreign country. I’m really grateful that there are others “like me” that I can interact with and share experiences. Thanks, FUD, for providing this means of sharing with each other.


I grew up (basically) in Longview, WA area. What part are you from?

We could really compare notes on this! As could a lot of others here.

Welcome to this group. It’s a solid bunch.


Hi @Sam! My husband had family in the Longview area. But we were farther north - near Everett. It’s a beautiful part of the country. I miss seeing the seasons change this time of year.


Very cool.

Remind me to tell you someday about the battleship I towed from Everett to Bremerton (back when I was a kid) that broke loose in Rich Pasage. That was the day I bought my Rolex. And if it weren’t for my horse I wouldn’t have spent that year in college. (Last sentence is from a famous comedian… nm)

Anyway glad you joined here. Please make yourself at home!


Hello to everyone!

I’m new here but not to diabetes- I was diagnosed Type 1 in 1984 and have survived a lot of different treatments. Lately I’ve been researching Omnipod and found this place. I look forward to reading chatting with people.

All the best!


Hi @gorf, welcome to FUD!


Hi Carol!

I’ve pumped for 12 years and have recently returned to MDI as part of my pump break. I also continue to use a CGM but find MDI isn’t so bad at all.

Congratulations on your 46 year diaversary. :hugs:


Hello gorf. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was just passing through and saw your mention of the Omnipod. I’m on day 2 right now of my Omnipod trial, and so far so good. Do you pump currently?

There are lots of people in here who are more qualified to answer any Omnipod questions you may have, but if you’re just looking for some rookie insight, I’m your girl. :grin:



I may eventually have to go the surgery route. The cortisone shot has improved it a bit, but not enough, and I am still running my basal at 130% even a week later :frowning:


Welcome @gorf. I was diagnosed in 1973 and I have been using the Omnipod for 1 year. There is lots of knowledge about Omnipod in this group, so ask any questions you have!


Oh that’s OK. I joined over a year ago and I still haven’t introduced myself. I figure by now everyone knows all they want to know about me.:grin:

Welcome also to @gorf, @kspann, @Latanacnf, @Pastadude, @WJm and all my other friends I see in my Magic Mirror. (Does that date me?)


Hello to @Boerenkool, @Nickyghaleb, @Lisa and @Beacher and many thanks for the warm welcome!

Thanks to wonders of the internet, and many fine people such as yourselves and others, and also with a bit of my own knowledge and experience thrown in for good measure, I’ve begun Omipod treatment and am already on my 2nd pod.

Less than a week in, and things are going slightly better already since switching from Animas Ping, and the tubeless system is definitey a bonus!

I’ll be sure and ask questions as they arise, but most have already been answered just by reading on here and elsewhere. I hope to share some stories and whatever else comes to mind re. our shared experience dealing with diabetes in the future.

Regards to everyone!



Welcome @gorf!