Welcome, introduce yourself here!


Hi @Latanacnf! Just wanted to say hello and welcome. I also was 12 in 89, have a husband, 3 children, diabetes, and I had a cat… now I have 7. It’s temporary though. I think. :grin:


So it sounds like you are either 51 - or 61 - or 21 - or 41 - or (pending your next post about your age) none of the above? I guess you’ll keep us guessing, you woman of mystery :thinking:. After all we are all anonymous on the internet (except to google, verizon and the NSA).


She’s a woman of both mystery and mathematics.


Hi Latana, welcome!

We were on MDI for a long time and it worked well for us! We are on the pump right now, but have considered many times going to Tresiba + Afrezza. Hopefully the combo is working well for you!


Actually 31




I love math, but it’s like my brain stops me when calculating age things… thank goodness.


Chris welcomed me back in the summertime. Thx! I don’t remember if I responded then, so:

  • i’m in Philly for past 40 years, a male;
  • was a hospital architect;
  • tossed all that & turned to just zero-carbon sustainable green design since 1992;
  • T1D in 1963 as a teenager – no history of Type 1 (or even Type 2!!) in my bloodline, and none (so far!) in my offspring;
  • using Medtronic pump systems since about 1998 or so, using 670G since Dec. 2017 w Guardian 3 sensors when its behavior doesn’t aggravate me more than frequent + unaware low BGs do (when I am NOT using the sensor-Auto Mode).

P.S. I’m not apt to be a regular here – life just seems more overwhelming or something to do all the thing I want to do.


@WJm, so glad you found us! Welcome to FUD!


Glad you took the time to check in. Your long history with T1 has undoubtedly given you many insights which would benefit our discussion, but we all understand about having enough time. Hope the Eagles turn things around for you.


@WJm! Hello! :hugs:

Sorry to hear about your Eagles condition. I honestly didn’t know. :cry:


Bill Marston’s straight-six iPhone


or is it? Somebody has to be the neighborhood cat lady…lol




@fortyonesthemike if you ever run dangerously low on Humalog I always have extra vials. I’ve got 6 extra in my fridge right now and another 9 on the way. Thankfully my wife’s insurance is great and I hit my max out of pocket for Scripts in July so all refills since have been no charge.

If you decide to try Dexcom I can’t help with G6 but I do have a stock pile of G5 sensors and you can find transmitters fairly affordable. I have a T1 friend in Canada who actually replaces batteries in expired transmitters and gets 4 to 5 months out of them.

There are a lot of resources you can tap, don’t be afraid to ask.



Long time doser, first time poster :-). Working on year 38 of being Type 1. No complications (fingers crossed) and have been a pump user for about 6 years and a CGM off and on for about 3 years. I came here to learn what I can and to vent occasionally (think United Healthcare and also my endo).


Greetings! :grin:


Welcome @kspann, that is a lot of years of dosing! Glad you don’t have complications, and I am sure you have plenty of good learning’s to share in additional to your need to vent. God knows we all need to vent sometimes, and your list of suspects is often, but no always the cause.

Glad to have you here.


We have some of the same venting causes! But I really look forward to learning from your years of experience as well. Wonderful to read of your lack of complications!


The only ‘major’ complication is that I had diabetic retinopathy in my left eye, but it was treated and is now non-existant. I also had what I feel was a MAJOR issue (cause it was a painful treatment) but is quite common in longterm T1Ds. That was trigger finger in three fingers. Good golly that was not a fun Dr. visit. :grimacing::angry: