Welcome, introduce yourself here!


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Welcome to all who’ve joined recently. Glad you joined us here (we’re not all crazy…just a few)


I’m not sure what I did to land here at this post, but I enjoyed this. In a weird way. I’m a Guardian user… and that’s about all I can say about that.


Sure, I’ll sign up and be post 890!

My name’s Matt, I was diagnosed T1 at age 15, and remember the good old days of mega long syringes and Humalog and Humalin! I resisted pens until I got to college and broke a bunch of vials that I kept clattering around in pockets (oops), so I ended up switching to Humalog and Lantus pens. I’ve been on them ever since, I manage moderately well with an HBA1C of 6.9 as of yesterday (the nurse rolled my vein a half dozen times before getting it!). I live in Los Angeles, and try my best to pretend to work in the film/television industry.

I use a dexcom G6 (switched from the G4… G6 wastes so much plastic!), and have been messing around with XDrip+… which is how I found this site to begin with.

I’m also meeting with a rep about the T-Slim pump… which would be my first pump ever? on Monday, so I’m a bit nervous about that, but I guess we’ll see what he says!

Glad to be here, and thanks so much for having such an awesome community!



Welcome to the gang. Keep us posted on your pump journey!



Hi. Matt! :smiley:


Welcome Matt.

What was the good old days for you was rocket science for some of us that survived through Lente and NPH!

Good luck on your meeting regarding T-Slim, and give us an update. I’m considering that as my next pump, after using Medtronic for over 20 years. Many find using a pump a great convenience and helps with improved control.


@Pastadude Welcome! It sounds like you are about to become the bionic man!

Humalin and Humalog qualify you to be an oldtimer. Some of us go back to NPH and regular and pee strips. I find Novalog and Tresiba along with using xDrip+ to be a pretty good solution.

In 47 years dealing with this beast I’ve yet to use a pump. You younger guys get to have all the fun!


Welcome, Matt! Hope the pump journey is smooth for you. Many here love Tandem so I am sure you can get plenty of help if you need it.


Hi @Pastadude. I made the switch to a pump about 1.5 years ago and have been very happy with the results. Good luck with your change.


Hey Matt, @Thomas and myself have teenagers that both use the Tandem pumps. My son loves his, ask any questions you have. My son just got done with a pump break, and he is pretty happy to have that back in his pocket, along with all the other dia stuff that makes life fun!


Hello My name is Latana Ford. I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1989. I was 12 yrs old. I just recently came off of the pump due to the increased cost of the supplies. I have been managing my Diabetes now with Tresiba and Humalog. I am married to a retired military service member and I have 3 children and a dog. Thank you for welcoming me. I am glad to be here.


Hi @Latanacnf How are you doing with humalog and Tresiba cospared to the pump? I’ve been treating my diabetes via injection for 47 years, never used a pump. No complications and no problems from diabetes since the Dexcom came on the scene 13-14 years ago.

I think the only problem with MDI is the frequent lows when you try to keep A1c low. But the Dexcom has helped significantly with that. But my A1c is fine, about 5.8. MDI is not so bad, but sorry that finances make it your second choice.


Wow, 3 kids, a dog and diabetes. I think I hear a country music song in the making. Seriously though, really glad you joined us and I hope you find a welcoming place to share your diabetes knowledge.