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Bought and received sw3. Put xdrip on android phone and working well but have no idea how to get it on watch now.[quote=“docslotnick, post:877, topic:145, full:true”]
Hi @Vlorin Welcome to FUD!

You want the SSW3 SWR50. It’s available for a wide range of prices. Since it’s no longer manufactured supplies are a bit spotty. If you don’t mind a yellow or pink watch band you should be able to get one reasonably.
Let me know how you get on with xDrip.


Put xdrip on phone and working great. Now have sony sw3 and put android wear app on it bit dont know how to put xdrip on watch


Hi @Vlorin. All you have to do is go to settings>smart watch features>Android wear integration.

Check “Enable wear collection services”. If you always want the watch to be the collector, check “force wear”. Otherwise when the phone is within BLE range of the transmitter it will be the collector. If you choose to have the watch and phone switch roles based on proximity you will loose a few readings each time it switches. Also, if you plan to only use the watch as collector, check “only use wear”.

Back at the watch, choose an xDrip watch face (they were automatically loaded), and you should be good to go. Be sure to look on the watch at the app “xDrip prefs” and choose how you want the watch to work.

Also, on the phone in G5/G6 Debug settings, be sure to check " scan for G5 constantly" and" authenticate G5 before each reading.

That’s all there is to it. Let me know how it goes. Remember, it can take the watch a while to start reading, so give it at least half an hour. Good Luck!



I’m Asad, I’m 17, turning 18 next month and I live in England. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since my eighth birthday (yes, my birthday…) and both my brother and dad are diabetics too. I’m in college right now studying Computer Science and Maths.

I’ve been using the omnipod for pretty much exactly a year now but before that I was just on injections.

There’s nothing too special about me, I play video games, I listen to music and I’m a little bit of a computer nerd.

I don’t think there’s anyone else my age on here but oh well.


Welcome Asad! So glad you found us.


Welcome Fox, you are sort of correct, sort of wrong. My 15 year old son and a few others are on here, they just aren’t frequent posters. But they will read your stuff. \

They might even make fun of the fact that you call Math, “Maths”, but hey once we broke away from the mother ship we decided we know how to pronounce everything correctly anyway.


Welcome @Vlorin! Good luck with the xDrip stuff! Sounds exciting.

Welcome @Fox! If I had managed to read you’re welcome post first, I probably wouldn’t have sent you that pile of links about the OmniPod! Lol! I just recognize that many people don’t know their way around the Internet, and don’t search things. But if you’re getting a degree in computer science, you probably are good at that. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Fox! I’m a newbie here too. I recently celebrated the 34th anniversary of my 17th birthday :wink:

My 12 year old daughter has type 1, diagnosed at age 4. Sorry about your 8th birthday!!!


Welcome, @Vlorin :slight_smile:


I was going to make that joke, too, but was afraid he was not going to think it was funny at ALL, and it would confirm his fears that this place was overrun with old people with old people jokes… but you came hard with it. :grin:. If I’m doing the math right, I’ve also not very recently celebrated my 34th anniversary of my 17th birthday…


No way? Really? What’s your secret?


This makes me think I need to go check my math…


I might believe your 24 year anniversary. Even then, you must moisturize.


So, yes, I DID write my 34th… but I meant my 44th, and, yes, I buy top of the line moisturizer.

And wear the 670G.


LOL. I hope I didn’t scare off @Fox. We are all still young at heart!


No you haven’t, you all still seem like great people! Just been a little busy with some family stuff is all.


Hi. I’m new here. Although invited “Welcome, introduce yourself here!” I find no button or link or FAQ telling a new user how to introduce oneself.
So … here I am!


A video of @sam and @Nickyghaleb meeting…



Welcome @WJm! Really glad you joined. You are correct, there is no button or link, and we don’t really stand on formality here.

If you don’t mind sharing, what part of the world are you located in, and how are you connected to Diabetes?



Yes, that’s just how it feels to be me. Complete with meditative face-washing alone time. :grin:

By the way, I meant my 4th anniversary of 17… struggling with my math over here.