Welcome, introduce yourself here!


Welcome @Stubz42 , so glad you found this forum! Hope it helps you get to a better place with diabetes! And so glad it was eventually caught – though of course it’s really scary that it went so long without being caught in the first place.


Welcome @Stubz42! Fellow vet here. Not diabetic myself but father to a diabetic toddler. We are here to help in any way we can, so ask away!


Welcome @Stubz42, another veteran with a teenage diabetic here. Glad you joined and are starting to take control of your diabetes. Lots and lots of great people here who understand and would love to help. Plus we are looking forward to learning more about you!


Welcome @NickM, @Stubz42, @Sensorium139, and our other new folks! Thanks for joining! I hope you’ll find FUD as helpful as I have! It’s great to have so many people from so many places with so many hobbies and sports and interests!


I’m Sandi, mom to T1D daughter Clara and non-T1D son Oliver. Clara was diagnosed 8 years ago at age 4. Oliver shows no signs of T1D so far. He does have other special needs related to giftedness and sensory processing issues. I’m basically exhausted.


Welcome @sahmcolorado, so glad you found us. Seems like you’ve got a lot on your plate, hope this site is as helpful for you as it is for us!


Welcome Sand! I’m sorry you’re exhausted, and I hope that FUD can lend a hand with helping to figure out some of the things about T1D which would help your daughter! There’s lots of knowledge here and plenty of people who’ve had experience with parenting T1 kids (not me! but other folks!)


Welcome Sandi!

I was diagnosed at 5. That was just a few years ago, and I am doing fine. Hopefully you will continue to become more comfortable with it and know that your daughter will be fine as she grows up. This is a great place for parents of T1D’s.


Welcome, Sandy! Lots of helpful parents on FUD! Let us know how we can be of service. Hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation!


Just the blink of an eye - right @Eric ?


Hello everyone,
I’ve been avoiding introducing myself because I feel as though introductions are awkward, but may as well get it over with! My name is Laura, I’m 21 years old and have been T1 since I was a few months short of 2. I’m going into my 4th year in college studying biomolecular engineering with a minor in bioinformatics. I currently use the MM 530G and Dexcom G5, although I’m working on insurance approval to upgrade both of these. Unfortunately my diabetes management has been terrible due to lack of effort the last few years, so I’m trying to pick up some advice here on FUD :wink:


Hi Laura! Glad to see your introduction! Don’t worry, nothing is awkward here. :wink:


Welcome Laura! My son, Liam was diagnosed at two. Looking forward to learning from you what (as a parent) to do and not do with Liam to get the best participation from him as he gets older! Do you know your current A1C? Has the college life made management more difficult? Or has it been just desire or something else that’s made you run into issues?

Great to have you!


Ha well, I’m in the process of trying to pull myself out of a diabetes burnout/depression/eating disorder situation, my last A1c was taken after a solid 3 months of barely testing myself at all, it’s a frightening 10.5 :sweat: Probably not really what you were hoping to hear! The biggest difficulty I think college has brought was it made it much easier to fall into a pattern of disordered eating, which then really complicates diabetes management (managing diabetes effectively requires looking at all nutrition labels, making it difficult to recover from ED and not managing diabetes well means staying skinny). My therapist has been a lot of help on this matter though, and I have been working to reorient the number obsession towards sugar-surfing rather than thinking about the food!


Hi @glitzabetes! Welcome! I’m excited you’ve joined us here at FUD. I’m guessing most folks have gone through a rough patch here and there with the diabetes. I’m hoping yours will be wrapping up soon and you’ll feel like you have access to some new ideas and help with managing it from this site. I’ve found FUD really helpful in learning more about T1 and figuring out new things to try. My partner Eric has had T1 since he was in his mid-20’s (11 years now) and we learn new stuff all the time!

Feel free to chime in with questions or add to the discussions. I’m positive people will enjoy learning from your experiences. :slight_smile:


Hi @glitzabetes. :slight_smile:

I’m 41 years old now and WAAAAY past caring about whether or not I carry an extra 6 lbs, but I had a very difficult time with handling my blood sugar properly when I was first diagnosed. I didn’t set out with that in mind, losing weight through poor management, but rather stumbled upon it. I ran my numbers up to something despicable. Mostly it was a result of depression and just not knowing WHAT was right, but it certainly played into my desire to keep my weight down. It was a dangerous game though, and the truth was there was no way to play it only a little bit. There was no way to use it to my advantage. It was all or nothing. Either I was going to make poor food choices and skimp (and I really mean SKIP) on insulin, or I was going to have to do every last unit I owed myself. There was nothing in the middle. After a couple of years above a 14%, I finally learned that. I’d like to tell you that I now am back down to my pre-diabetes weight, I feel great, I eat just enough junk food to feel like I’ve gotten my fix (and to give my mom anxiety) but NOT enough to cause that scary weight loss, and my last A1c was a 6.1. I’m having my cake and eating it, too. :rofl: Just kidding… there’s no cake-having here in public. I still prefer to do that late at night in the dark and then destroying all evidence. No one’s perfect.

I’m not preaching. I just remember that well, and I also remember feeling like I didn’t know how to make it all right. I really didn’t want to gain the weight I thought I was going to have to gain in order to do all of my insulin. I’d also be a liar if I said I didn’t gain any weight in the process of fixing things. I did. It was a little bit of an adjustment. But now I’m doing things the way I’ve always done them and am on the healthy track. There’s a way back that doesn’t include killing yourself.

That actually was preachy. :smiley: Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and if you ever need someone to talk to about any of this stuff, I’m around. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for sharing that with me! It is comforting to hear from others who have had similar experiences, even though I wouldn’t wish them on anybody.


I see sony sw3 online, ranging from $120 to $250 or so. Is there a particular version/model needed?

To intro myself, 65 yo with type 1 since age 11 (ancient days!). On Medtronic pump over 20 years, dexcom cgm (g5) for several years. Want to untether from this receiver if I can!


Welcome @Vlorin, @docslotnick will be by to answer your question about the SW3 soon I am sure. Glad you joined!


Hi @Vlorin Welcome to FUD!

You want the SSW3 SWR50. It’s available for a wide range of prices. Since it’s no longer manufactured supplies are a bit spotty. If you don’t mind a yellow or pink watch band you should be able to get one reasonably.
Let me know how you get on with xDrip.