Water desalination and diabetes

Sam, I was hesitant to post this. But I figured I should do it before we go live.

I think this is legal in Alaska. In my state, what I have is a water desalinization machine. I simply use it to remove salt from water and purify it to make it drinkable. You know, in case there is a problem with the municipal water supply.

BTW Sam, if you and I ever met up, I think the results could be deadly. It is probably best we are separated by 4,000 miles.

Here it is.


I almost fell out of my chair laughing :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen quite a few of these here in the south as well. “Water desalinization machines” are big around these parts! Mostly done in the woods though…

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The part on the left is the cooling system. It uses a pump to bring the cooling water up to the top bucket and then it falls down (cooling it as it goes) and returns to the bucket with the copper condenser. This was more fancy than it needed to be. You can [purify water] just fine with a pot distiller. But this was just a lame attempt to make a “thumper”…[to purify water].

Doing it in the woods is easy if you have a stream to cool your condenser. But you just never know who is going to find your water desalinization system and help themselves to your clean water.



Our water usually comes out at around 180 proof though.


But with no salt!

Don’t be greedy, make sure you get rid of your foreshots.:wink: