Storm's a-comin'

This is my local grocery store. They still had everything else, except these two things…

The bread aisle:

The bottled water aisle:

What is it about a storm that makes people forget how to eat and drink anything other than bread and water?!?!

The joke is on them. I got plenty of beer, which has both grain and water! So I only needed to get one thing instead of two.


I notice you did not show us a picture of the beer aisle :slight_smile:


btw, since you post so often about your beer consumption, which beer is your abfab favorite?

i was always an Ale drinker. Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout or the Nut Brown Pale Ale.


Mine is authentic German beer…nothing American as it’s too watery and only serves to bloat me. Since I served over there for 8 years, my beer standards are high and I don’t settle for anything American. It has to be a good dunkelweizen, hefeweizen or krystalweizen…preferably the dunkel version because it’s, well, darkest and it only takes one to “get you there.”

In the US, I’m a straight shot liquor kind of guy or mixed drinks. Jack and coke always do the job if looking to save.


do you like a good tequilla or fuego (fire water) ?

I am with Harold on that, even though I am not restricted to only German beer. There is a lot of good stuff made by many countries in Europe.

Chimay (Belgium) is outstanding. Celebrator Doppelbock (Germany) is one of the world’s best. Every country has contributions - Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic, Guinness Stout from Ireland. I can’t pick just one.

But I am not a total Euro-snob. I wouldn’t turn down a Sam Adams. Or anything.

I took care of that aisle.


but have you ever had Sam Smith (NOT sam adams) ??? hard to find but worth the effort. and i was also a Guinness Stout gal myself. ( i have never understood why anyone in their right mind would bother drinking a “lite” beer. i am not a snob about it; it just tastes like watered down P. :wink: )

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Absolutely! I have tried all of the Samuel Smith beers, but my favorite from them is the Oatmeal Stout. I am on the same page with you there!


I knew I was right about you being awesome!


thank you very much. it amuses me to no end that we are so often on the same page.

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Yes. Shots with lemon, all day long.

there’s another sam smith beer, the name of which i can no longer remember. very very dark, but not as dark as Guinness. really rich flavor. up there as one of my favorites. i’m certain you know it. (and the name of it as well)

should we consider opening up a thread on beer?

and which tequilla is your go-to fave?

Probably the porter.

I think the Sam Smith Nutbrown ale is the best of the style.

Jose Cuervo

are you experimental or very picky? or have you experimented enough to the point where you can deserve to be picky? :wink:

you are now entitled to join our club :blush:

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I don’t drink but once every couple years so when I do I am picky. I usually end up spending a hundred or so to buy the mixes for long island iced tea. I still have all the liquors for that in the freezer in the basement from four years ago. I don’t drink that often.

That chapter was closed around 30 years of age.

i havent had a drink in so many years (20? ), but those beers are so memorable that i will never forget how much i enjoyed them.

and PS: btw, i dont know if anyone else has encountered this problem, but whenever and whatever i drank i would crash big time, even without bolusing.

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Nothing like a cold Newcastle Brown Ale with a shot of Patron! :upside_down_face:

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I’m right there with you. That ship has sailed for me too.

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