Watch band for Toddlers Pebble watch?


We’ve purchased a Pebble watch so that Liam can always have his BG’s on his arm (to free up our phones). I was wondering if any parents of toddlers with T1 that use the Pebble watch can tell me if the watch band fits the child? (I know @TiaG uses Pebble, perhaps there are others also)

And if the watch band was too big, do you have any recommendations for pebble watch bands for toddlers that you’ve purchased and use?


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Can’t speak about which watch band in particular, but I am assuming it has a standard size, I would just get the velcro band like you saw plenty of in the army. Then it will grow with him, or can be sewn to fit easily.


Ths is the kind of velcro watchband I wore until I was done with Navy and college:

I like to purchase models where you never need to dismount the spring-loaded clips on either side of the watch: you pass the thin part of the velcro strap underneath both of them, then the thick part will double under the watch. Very easy and convenient, and it’s very hard to lose the watch when you are a little one.


My brother goes to college and wears these all the time. Not with a pebble watch though.

This is where he gets his watch bands:


I know because I bought him one for Hanukkah.


These watches do use velcro, but they are not quite the same as the ones I was thinking of. These use velcro in order to seal the closure: the rest of the band is woven textile. There also are simpler velcro watch bands, where the velcro strip itself can be slipped under the pins, then you velcro the rest of it on. Sometimes they are labeled sports watch bands.

But this type of band would work well too, you are right. And @ClaudnDaye could measure the size of the band width on the Pebble watch and pick the band on that site.

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We returned the Pebble watch because we found out (I probably just wasn’t paying attention) that it can NOT serve as collector. We want Liam to wear a watch that can serve as a collector. And it’s my understanding that only the Sony SW3 can do this? Is there any other watch or is that the only one? Also, it doesn’t look like the Sony watches allow for bands to be swapped out? At least, for the SW3…it looks like the watch is just one piece.

Also, my wife and I just had our 6th and final son and I’m just getting home and starting to get a routine back so I’ll be posting some pics whenever I have more time.

We decided on the name Kaiden. He was born on 2/12 @ 12:16PM and weighed 8lb, 14oz (two sizes smaller than Erin’s heaviest at 9lb 4oz.). He was 21 inches long.


Congrats on the new Baby, and what a great name! Sending positive thoughts your way.

When looking at Sony’s site it looks like on most of their watches you can swap bands by removing the watch module and moving it to another band (that includes the top part). If that is the case for the SW3, this page looks like it has a nice adjustable model for a toddler.

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I’m wondering why the Smartwatch 3’s are so difficult to find? I’m looking for the one with the leather band so that I can remove that band and replace it with the velcro one that’s been recommended in previous threads. Anyone have a direct purchase link, perhaps, to one of these SmartWatch 3 SWR50’s with the black face and the brown leather watch strap?

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The pricing and weirdness on Amazon makes me think they have already discontinued these. You rarely see prices vary so much ($105 - $500) on one item if the supply is normal.

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;(. Sad. I also noticed those things.


I assume strapSWAP offered on Indiegogo for 59EUR is currently the allrounder. Build with leather strap and integrated with small display with build in, fitness tracker, sleep detection and notification center. The best what I like about it is the ability to convert any watch smart and smartwatch smarter by allowing notification from two mobile on a single wrist. I think just 59EUR it cant be a wrong choice. And its compatible to applewatch, Pebble and amazfit will be rocking. If interested refer to the link: