Using Afrezza only (with basal)

How many of you, if using Afrezza only as the bolus, take it after the meal?

4 u Afrezza is out of the body in about 1 hour. Most meals always out last Afrezza because the meals are complex (carbs, fats, protein, veggies, fiber…etc). The only “drawback” of Afrezza only is the follow up. With the G6 it is a lot easier to do follow ups. I have had correction/follow up experiences using Afrezza that vary by alot. 3-4 hours after a meal, if my BG is still in the 170’s, horizontal, level, I take a 4 u cartridge correction (in addition to the original one I took after the meal) . on one occasion, the BG decrease has been 100; another occasion BG decrease has been 30. Why so much difference in the impact of the 4 u cartridge? It’s possible that my inhalation technique is not perfect and consistent. I don’t “stack” the Afrezza. I wait for 1 hour, at least, before inhaling again. The food is similar, not identical. Any thoughts about the the effects of the 4 u?

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