Afrezza correctional dose

I’ve used a follow up dose of Afrezza (in addition to another Afrezza dose and/or Novolog at mealtime) to correct high BG 3 times now. The last two times, it has made 0 difference - I’ll check an hour later and be at exactly the same BG I was at the time I dosed. Then I dose a unit or so of Novolog and that’s when I finally come down. Maybe with my BG being high (usually 160-180), I need a higher dose of Afrezza (8u instead of 4u) to bring it down? Thoughts?

ETA: I just realized how I worded this sounds like those 3 corrections were all done today. :blush: I meant I’ve had 3 separate occasions needing correction where I chose to use Afrezza.

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It’s easy to appear that it “did nothing” but the real question is what would your bg have been if you hadn’t dosed it… the picture becomes more clear with a cgm… if you were 150 and still skyrocketing on your way to 250 and an hour later 4u of afrezza kept you at 150, it would appear to have “done nothing” but that’s a very different situation than being steady at 150 with no food unloading and 4u of afrezza “doing nothing”

Just gotta keep paying attention and evaluate every situation in the full context


I wondered if that might be it. All the more reason I can’t wait until my CGM arrives!

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This happens to me all the time (well, not all the time, figure of speech) –

  1. Do a correction.
  2. Test later and find I’m holding roughly steady.
  3. Fume and sputter and accuse insulin of being utterly useless and a waste of g.d. money.
  4. Take a deep breath, resist the impulse to correct yet again, and calmly consider that my food is pushing me up at the same rate my very effective and worth-every-penny insulin is pushing me down, and either (a) correct again after all, or (b) leave things be and assess later.

Haha, sounds EXACTLY like where I’m at. Just checked again, STILL sitting right at 160. I have both Afrezza and Novolog on board, so I’m just going to leave it be and add a correctional dose with dinner tonight if need be…


Patience is a virtue sometimes… and this is the drawback of combining afrezza with novolog… with afrezza alone it’s super fast action means it’s virtually gone in 1.5 hours or less for practical purposes… so if you’re high at that point there’s minimal risk with a follow up dose… novolog though can stack easily… not saying it’s bad to combine the two, I do it frequently, just gotta bear it all in mind

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Right. I combine the two often if I’m eating a meal and dessert - I’ll do Afrezza, then a unit or so of Novolog when I start eating dessert to cover anything still digesting when the Afrezza wears off. That was my mistake today, I think - underestimating how much would still need to be covered after the Afrezza wore off. Should’ve done 2u Novolog with dessert, or corrected with an 8u Afrezza.

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That happens often to me too (with Novolog). It’s pretty normal. You have to be careful not to rage bolus: by the 3rd time you get impatient and inject way too much and then you crash.

When I am high, it takes me more insulin to go down: if I am at 200 it takes more insulin to go down to 150 than from 150 to 100. I think it is normal too.


I thought I’d heard that was a normal thing; nice to hear confirmation.

I try to be careful and not get impatient. It helps that I’m usually complaining to a family member, and they always encourage me to be careful and more conservative so as not to go low.


And it can feel so frustrating! I often feel a good bit of anxiety when I trend high and I’m not sure if it’s the high BG itself or also my total annoyance with the situation. Prolly both! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Haha, a lot of things make me anxious, and high BG/not being in control of the situation are definitely two of those things!


how true!

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