Finally! A successful correction

So my dosing was off for lunch (tried a new type of bread I didn’t realize had sugar added to it, ugh), and my Novolog correction did barely anything (from 155 to 129 after an hour, which is when it peaks for me), so I followed up with Afrezza…not only did it bring me down from 129 to 95 within the first 20 minutes (and into the 80s by an hour), but then the rest of my day was GREAT - pasta for dinner, popcorn and ice cream for dessert, and I never went above 100 (and I obsessively checked… :blush:). Usually if I have a high and correct with Novolog, it’s a fight to keep things even in the 100-110s the rest of the day.


Awesome work! Testing testing testing! It really does make all the difference. People who fail and continue knocking their heads against the window are doomed to continue that same way of life. Only if we’re brave enough to experiment and test, test, test, can we find such successes as you have! Congratulations on this and many other future successes!


This is fabulous @Pianoplayer7008! I have flatline envy :slight_smile:

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