A new personal record

Hit 228 after breakfast this morning (I guess I just forgot I was diabetic and tried oatmeal again). That’s the highest recorded BG I’ve had so far. Enter Afrezza…

Back down to 112 within an hour, then leveled out in the high 60s/low 70s by 2 hours. Actually having a bit of trouble staying up after dosing more Afrezza for lunch (leftover pizza and a salad) - back down in the 60s again, but know I’ll go up a little when it starts wearing off.

Other Afrezza users - do you find that corrections level you out slightly lower than your target? I’m a little shaky/hungry in the 60s, so I don’t really like to stay there, but it seems whenever I correct with Afrezza, that’s where I end up. I guess I just need to to try out eating a small snack about an hour after dosing.


It depends on a lot of factors like what you’d ate last, activity level, trends with your blood sugar, etc. if you’re worried about a correction being too large you can always just take it with a small snack or a glass of milk or something-- that’ll reduce the horsepower of the correction… I find if I just take basic steps like that to not over due it it kind of just tends knock me down into a state of equilibrium again where it should be


Good point. I’m pretty sure, as has happened before, the “extreme” (for me) high kicked my sluggish pancreas into gear. I’ve been struggling to keep things up (though haven’t tried anything really sugary yet, afraid to start a yo-yo effect), and I constantly feel like I’m low even though I’m not.


@Pianoplayer7008, the first time my son hit 200 (after having been diagnosed in full DKA, of course), I felt so worried that I called the doctor on call :smile:

Now, of course, we don’t get phased when we hit 350. Thankfully that is very rare.

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Ha, the first time I broke 200, I cried (of course, I was just a few weeks postpartum, so, uh, I’ll blame the hormones). Anything above 150 doesn’t happen often for me yet, as I’m still honeymooning, but thankfully I’ve calmed down a bit in reaction to numbers - today was an “oops, guess I gotta deal with that” rather than a complete meltdown. :smiley: