Afrezza corrections

See if you can spot the afrezza correction.


@Sam That’s pretty amazing. I probably would have corrected with novolog at the same level, but given a rage bolus two hours later at 200.

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I’ll take the bait. @Eric what tipped you off to an Afrezza correction at 12:00?

The afrezza correction was at about 2:20. I hat eaten a big blue cheese and bacon burger at around noon and preholused with 5u novolog. The novolog held me pretty steady for a couple hours then the cgm showed a horizontal up arrow and started climbing so I tooted a 4u afrezza correction… the decrease started nearly immediately and leveled off nicely… love the stuff


Ok, that’s what I originally thought. How variable is the time it takes to see the correction in your BG start? Does it differ for you depending on what you eat?

Well if your bg is skyrocketing of course the effect will be less dramatic… when testing with a normal blood meter I can see corrections taking effect in 10-12 minutes often… the cgm has quite a lag to show anything happening whether it’s afrezza or anything else

That’s somewhat amazing. I’d take more than 5u for a cheeseburger.

So do you wait for an up before hitting the Afrezza?

Yes, always I wait until my bg is actually rising as observed on the cgm or by finger stick before taking the afrezza.

There are several different techniques, here I dosed conservatively with novolog and then waited for the spike then hammered it with afrezza… but sugar surfing with afrezza solo works quite well too

Afrezza starts working prettt much instantly for all practical purposes… no longer are we playing the game when the opponent has a 30-40 minute head start with this stuff


The couple hours of waiting is interesting. The food is pretty much gone for me by then. Usually if I haven’t spiked in an hour to hour and a half, it’s not gonna spike.

Depends a lot on the fat and protein content and complexity of the carbs for me… and that trend varies quite a bit over time with me… And bear in mind the cgm lag is also apparent here


Have you tried the 12? Man you can eat a lot of junk with a 12 cartridge. :slight_smile: The 12 is my heavy hitter. Only problem I have is getting fat being able to eat whatever I want with no bg spikes.


I haven’t had any 12s… that’s the only problem with this stuff is ironing out ones’ quantity is more complicated

I truly thought for a second you were writing about a shotgun :slight_smile:


I was in a hurry to get back into the 80s with afrezza… amazing how this stuff just seemingly automatically levels off where you want it to… with liquid insulin I’d have been nervous at 90 with a strait down arrow


@Sam - This is the thing about Afrezza that I’m already in love with!! The peace of mind/confidence to correct a high or rising BG at times I would have thought twice or delayed a shot of Humalog.

Some examples:

  • late at night (I’m a total night :owl:)
  • before heading out for a hike, walk or workout
  • heading into a long meeting
  • before a long drive

Yes that aspect is amazing… to a large extent the duration is so short that it essentially doesn’t stack… if you have a problem you take a puff and it’s generally solved very quickly


My favorite part of Afrezza no doubt. Especially driving in car with family. If I’m a little high just puff and watch it fall with a soft landing.


Haha but I’m a fan of the 16ga pump.

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I had issues with that until they came out with the new titration pack of equal amounts of all doses. So now I just order that one NDC to make it simple plus it’s cheaper!

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@drpepper68, what did you mean by that? I am very naive w respect to Afrezza :slight_smile: