Afrezza-- timing is everything

Well, this wasn’t the point I intentionally set out to prove today… but it’s a valid point none the less…

I ate lunch at a Thai restaurant today. Normally I know better. My cgm read 75 when I sat down. Half an hour later it read 173 with double up arrows (I have no idea how those Thai people pack suck dynamite carbs into absolutely everything). I guess this turned into a case study in how to stop a runaway bg in its tracks…

Enter afrezza

30 minutes later 119 and dropping smoothly with a diagonal down arrow. Note the time stamp on the cgm

And 10 minutes later—

And here’s the level-off for a smooth landing… again note the time stamps… exactly 1 hour from 173 with double up arrows to 82 and level… one 8u afrezza cartridge did all this.


At my next endo appointment Afrezza will be the first topic of discussion. It will definitely curb my rage boluses, and maybe I’ll be able to actually eat a sandwich again without emptying my insulin pen.


I hope it is an option for you, it has truly changed my life


I must say I’m really enjoying talking about it without being trolled… do we really HAVE to open to the public ??? :slight_smile:


Now don’t be selfish Sam. And I also think that the only one to troll you around here will be @Eric :cheeky: That is unless [EDIT you-know-who] decides to join. :wink:

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There is nothing else on the market that can accomplish this. Its a Godsend and yet so many people still don’t know about it. And it’s super cheap. Life is so much better with Afrezza. That’s my new slogan.


Told ya so!

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So I haven’t tried Afrezza, although I want to eventually. I am curious though, for more details here. Did you take any other boluses for the meal, or was the Afrezza the first and only bolus?

Secondly, What would have happened if you had taken too much (say 12 or 16 units)? Do you have a CGM showing an over-bolus condition?

This was afrezza alone, although I do frequently just use a 4u afrezza as a correction dose on top of a novolog primary as well

If you’d taken too much (within reason) for a meal like this that was mostly simple carbs you’d not see a much different result… It’d actually been a flatter line if I’d taken 12 right off the bat. although I’d say that with meals with more protein and fat taking too much too early can cause the insulin to outrun a food and you might see an immediate downward trend followed by a spike shortly after… really super easy to avoid with a cgm though, just wait until you see it starting to spike before you dose

Ps glad to see to here

@jag1, welcome to the community!

@Sam, what about his second question?

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If you take too much the CGM shows sharp down arrow or double arrows indicating a fast drop. I’ve done it many times ending up in a severe low.

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with Afrezza alone or in combination with injected insulin?

Afrezza alone.

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For me that’s easily avoided by timing it and waiting longer to take the dose

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for me a severe low is different with Afrezza than with injected. VERY different. An Afrezza low I know it wont kill me, an injected one could because BGs keep going down. And for me as soon as I notice I am starting to go low with Afrezza, usually 2-3 glucose tablets do the trick. This is because of the short tail of Afrezza. A severe low with injected would certainly need a lot more carbs to correct, with the over correct risk, and/or taking me out of combat for a while until I recover.


Well everyone is different and depends on how much you take. Ever done 12’s? It’s driven me in 40’s before feeling as strong as novolog.

See… :slight_smile:

8u of Afrezza alone. Weird, that usually brings me down 80 points.

Yeah 8s with truly no food at play are a no-no for me…

A 4u if there’s truly no food at play will put me right back in range from 200 to 100 or less in no time… but the challenge is that usually if I’m that high to begin with there is some kind of bastard slow digesting food to contend with to begin with…

@drpepper68 What surprises me is that you could take a screen shot and organize it into a cogent post with your Bg being that low. Well done!

I know right! It’s crazy how low you can be and still function. Just depends on the day, it doesn’t always go like that. I think it’s all the coffee I drink.