US 14 day Libra update

I have been frustrated, angry, and slacking in monitoring myself ever since Abbot changed what ever they changed about Libra, making it impossible for their US customers to use a secondary reader and app to use it as a true CMG. Adding salt to the wound, Abbot is a US company and none of the Canadian stores I contacted would send their version of Libra to the US.

Well, I have been hounding the MiaoMiao people since they keep hinting that their reader will soon work with the US 14 day Libra. Although they did respond with a convoluted way to use it with IOS, I have an Apple phone and watch.

Recent reply was that they expect to have MiaoMiao compatible with Åpplè in early November. They said it will work with their Tomatoe app, but no info about when it might work with Spike or anything else out there.

When I asked NightRider about the US 14 day Libra, they never bothered to reply.

Keeping fingers crossed. I really miss having data on my watch and being able to calibrate the readings.

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Ummm, you can always get a cheap Android phone and a very cheap (compared to Apple Watch) SSW3, and use xDrip+.


Since I originally bought the Apple phone and watch just for using this function, I’m not willing to spend the money at this time just because Abbot decided to #&$ their American Market. I still can’t figure out why they did it. It’s not like they were coming out with their own reader. And they didn’t do it with ALL their Libra versions. This is why I don’t get the big bucks or the corner office. Their decision makes no sense to me.

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Has the data stream from the 14 day reader been "cracked’ by miaomiao?

@mike_g Yes, the Librelink app can be patched so you can use it as a data source in xDrip+.

Thanks Doc. So to make sure I understand:. Is the librelink app and patch needed for routine usage, or just to allow the miaomiao to again understand the signal from the sensor? Does this also involve updating the firmware for miaomiao?

Is it now possible again to use the libre as a CGM with the US 14 day sensor?

BTW:. I’m not using libre (yet). When I was getting ready to do that last year, the 14 day sensor issue cropped up.

@mike_g From what I understand you don’t need the Miao-miao, just the patched librelink app on your phone to transmit to xDrip+.

I may be wrong as I have never used a Libre and have not attempted the patch. But there is a data source choice in xDrip+ for the libre2 (patched app).

EDIT: Make sure you read the “issues” posted on that github page for troubleshooting. Also, be sure to use the latest nightly build of xDrip+.

EDIT 2: There seems to be now a new miao miao 2 available that will work with the Libre 2.

Thanks Doc,