Got a new Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor and reader

I just got my Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor. Before I got it, I was under the impression that I could use it with a MiaoMiao, but now it looks like I wouldn’t be able to since they just recently changed something to prevent that from working. Is that true? Is there no way to use the new 14 day Libre sensors/readers with a MiaoMiao currently?


Yes, unfortunately the US 14 day sensors encrypt the data and the developers of xDrip+/Spike have not been able to crack the code yet, so you can’t use the MiaoMiao with these sensors. Although I have seen that the developers are trying, it’s unclear if they will be able to figure it out anytime soon


Would that also be why there has been a delay in them releasing the Android app for the Libre sensors in the US?

If you mean the Librelink app, no, I am sure Abbott knows how their own data encryption works. I’m not sure why the Android app is delayed!

That is why it is being delayed because it can be reversed engineered to figure out the encryption used to read the sensor. The companies in the USA only care about making money not about the people using their products. That is why the sensors are being encrypted so users can only use the companies readers or apps to read the sensors. Unlike the ones in the EU that can be read by other 3rd party apps and sensors.

This makes no sense. Abbott is making all the Libre systems in Europe AND in the US. They are the ones encrypting the communications. They are responsible for putting out the Android app. They are also going to encode communications in Europe. There is nobody else—just Abbott. Let’s not be paranoid. If there is someone to blame, it is Abbott—just Abbott.

Abbott is a company. Yes they make the devices we all use. Yes they are encrypting all of the new sensors they will be making. Why? Only one logical answer Greed for the money they are missing out on by people using other 3rd party apps and devices with their devices. All that I said is true just look and see that the companies that make diabetic supplies only want you to use the supplies they make for the devices they make. Why should I be forced to use a Medtronic CGM inorder to use the 670G insulin pump why can I not use a Dexcom 6 sensor. The only answer I can come up with is greed. Medtronic wants all the money and does not want to let Dexcom get the money. So the diabets that would want to use a 670G pump with a Dexcom 6 can not even though that is what would work best for them. I keep hearing that a cure will be found and for the last 31 years no one has found it. Then I looked at the amount of money made by the disease Diabetes. The Diabetes industry alone rakes in $250 billion every year. Do you think that they want to give up all that money they make from people having Diabetes? I for one do not think they do because of what I have seen these last 31 years of being a diabetic. So if you think I am paranoid that is fine but please in 20 years look back and remember what I wrote. I hope that I am wrong and was paranoid but time will tell.

Yes. No different from what Apple does though. I really regret it, but I don’t think it is an unusual practice in any industry.

True again, and really too bad—I wish it were different, but again no different from what Apple and a myriad other companies do.

There are, however, other anticompetitive practices used by Medtronics and United Health Care that are beyond the pale and probably should be deemed illegal—but they are not the focus of your post.

Here no reasonable person can agree with you. There are hundreds of universities working on diabetes, and hundreds of millions of dollars per year being spent on research, none of which is linked to corporations.

In the same way, in the commercial world, a company that found a cure, or better treatment, would make an enormous fortune. There are many startups in the world of diabetes, some of which, such as Omnipod, Dexcom, or Mannkind, have made and are making an enormous difference to PWDs.

So imagining a vast conspiracy of tens of thousands of scientists and thousands of corporations, all secretly conspiring to make sure no cure gets discovered, makes no sense. It is no.more reasonable than those who are convinced that there is a conspiracy to hide that (a) the earth is flat, (b) NASA never landed on the moon, (c ) there is no data proving ongoing climate change, (d) a secret organization of Jews is governing the world, (e) there is proof that vaccines cause autism, or (f) an alien race with scaly skins is impersonating some of the most important people on earth including George Bush and George Soros (the latter theory, incredibly, promoted by writer Alice Walker, thereby proving you can be good with words and also a moron about how the world works). The simple fact is that a cure for diabetes is a very hard challenge :frowning: And, like you, I wish that were not true.

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