Freestyle Libre 10-day sensors - does the Librelink app work with those?

I am just about ready to make the leap to cgm-land and doing my research. I am attempting to keep my options as open and affordable as I can whether I run it through insurance, buy with cash price, or buy internationally (outside of the U.S.).

  1. I am aware that the 14-day sensors for the Libre are compatible with the Librelink app and no reader needed. Is that the same for the 10-day sensors that I could buy at Walmart?
  2. If I do get the Librelink app working well using sensors from the U.S. - am I able to buy sensors internationally and have the app still work? I would like to have the option of being in Canada or UK or wherever while traveling and buying sensors as needed. Is that going to crash the app or make it stop working? I am ok doing the conversion or whatever else needed - I just don’t want to lose the data from the sensor, waste a sensor, or be unaware that I had to buy a reader.

Y’all are smart and I learn so much from this group.

Thanks, Beth

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