Get 1 reading from Xdrip+ from MM1 and US 14 day libre

Aside from a stray reading once, maybe twice, a day (seemingly when I remove and reposition the MM), I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to get Xdrip+, MM(MiaoMiao)1 and US14Day working…with no luck.

I’d been using Libre 1 in Japan for 2 years. Virtually no issues. Came to the U.S and all they got here is US 14 Day or Libre 2. According to the MM site, MM1 currently doesn’t work with Xdrip+ and Libre US 14 day. But, I’ve seen mention of a few people who somehow got it working. It’d save me over $150 bucks if I could use my MM1 instead of buying an MM2. Came here to see if there’s anyone familiar with how they may have done it.

My current hardware and software setup:

  • Xdrip+ 08_04_2021 Nightly, Xdrip+ 03_08_2021 (tried both)
  • Latest MM1 firmware (0039) - updated using the tomato app,
  • LibreOOPAlgorithm_L2 (10day 14dayeurope)
  • Samsung A71 5G (Android 11)

Afaik, the people who got the MM1 (fm 0039) and LibreOOPAlgorithm_L2 (10day 14dayeurope) working had androids with Android 10 installed (i.e., Samsung note 20 ultra (Android 10)).

i personally gave up on the libre 14 day due to the miaomiao not working, however, some people are ok with the newer blucon and their software, or the bubble, diabox, nightscout, and nightwatch, or some samsung watches, but i found the readings to be falsely lower, and my a1c went from 6.5 to 7.3, after which i went to another cgm, especially after trying the libre2 and finding erratic and inconsistent alarms. as far as the supposed other people who were able to make it work, they were probably using the tomato or are not in the u.s. i actually tried and paid extra for the tomato app that allowed you to use any mp3 as a warning, but it did not work, and it never worked with any of my os wear watches…this was probably around 2020, but i doubt much has changed