United Healthcare and Afrezza?

I was prescribed Afrezza by my doc last week. Immediately got a call from the pharmacy saying it isn’t covered by my insurance. My husband’s coworker (also type 1) told him it would take a LONG time to get it approved, if we ever do. What a bummer! Anyone had success getting UHC to cover their Afrezza?

Yes! You will have to get a Prior Authorization for it. It worked for me with Afrezza and UHC. It shouldn’t take long. You just need your Endo to play the insurance game a bit:

Have the doctor write this on the PA.


Oh, thank you so much! This will be so helpful.

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@DuckFiabetes works for mannkind (mfg of afrezza) as a patient advocate and I’m sure he will be happy to help explain discounts and such available to people who struggle with insurance. You might have to PM him to get his attention. @cynthia_rogers same thing— she’s very shy.

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