Finally, some good news!

I got a text today from my Afrezza rep followed by a call from Mannkind Cares to let me know I was approved for coverage on Afrezza! Shipment will arrive Friday, and it was only a $15 copay - kind of in shock about that part. Just in time for the holidays! :grin:


Gratz! Keep up up to date on how it’s working for you! It’s a conversation I’m definitely following closely because, with all the good stories I hear, I’m sure we’ll be getting Liam on it when he gets older!

I will. Last night actually was the most success I have had with it - no measuring or counting carbs while eating a rice based dinner, then a mug cake, ice cream, and popcorn during the remainder of the evening. Stayed between 75-110 the whole night (I tested fairly often as I couldn’t believe it wasn’t going higher lol).


Can you lay out specifically the story of the challenges you had getting approval and how they were eventually overcome? That might be really helpful for other people in the same boat?


I hear it goes great with eggnog. :yum:

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Sure! I’ll type it up later tonight.

@Pianoplayer7008, this is such good news!!!

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@Sam, well, I said I’d type it up tonight, but as I’m thinking about it, postpartum mom + lack of sleep + majorly dysfunctional thyroid = very little memory recall, so I’ll have to look back and find all my notes on things to pull together the story. So it may be a couple days. :blush:

Ok really looking forward to it when you get around to it-- tons of people are in the same position of thinking they can’t get it because they got some resistance from their insurance so it’s really super valuable info…