Unbelievable Week - Happy Papa

I know these weeks will pass, so I’m chronicling the unbelievable weeks here on FUD so that I can look back on these moments when I’m having an unbelievably bad week to remember that, with the bad comes the good. We’ve had, and we’ll continue to have many more really tough weeks as Liam continues to grow…but during these times when he’s having really good sugars, I just can’t help but celebrate. Here are his numbers for this week, as well as how it’s changed his 14, 30 and 90 day averages.

First, an image of how unbelievable the past week has been. This is today, but the previous 6 have been much like today. With some lows, but very few highs…and when I say “high” I mean 200…or maybe just slightly higher. Nothing over 250 this week and very few over 200.

Now for his 7-Day average:

14-Day average:

30-Day average:

90-Day Average (if this is correct, this would put his 90-Day A1C at roughly 6.6%).

And lastly, his 7 Day AGP:

Feeling like I’m on cloud 9. I won’t “hold my breath” that it stays this way, but victories feel SO nice after the non-stop stress of dealing with this disease in him.

So, I’ll take it whenever I can get it!


Congrats, you and your wife are obviously doing a great job and it shows. I myself had a little respite from crazy growth hormone highs with my son, and it felt like a dream. A dream where you have been working and working and not quite there, and then all of a sudden you are on top of it and everything is working. It feels great!! Enjoy it.


That is wonderful! Awesome job!

I am very happy for Liam, and I am so pleased at all he has taught his Papa! He’s a smart kid! :wink:


@ClaudnDaye Harold, that is awesome! Congratulations!

I have a question. Have you seen any mood or personality change in Liam during this time? Sleeping better, less fussy, stuff like that.

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No changes at all in his demeanor, personality, energy level, sleep habits, etc., He’s never fussy either unless it’s time to change out one of the cyborg devices. Nothing has really changed except the changes I indicated a couple weeks back regarding extended bolus + temp basal.

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Are the parents sleeping better?


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Beautiful! Bravo to you and @ErinElizabeth, Harold! And especially to Liam! This is a simply thrilling post to read, @ClaudnDaye! Please continue to post more—ups and downs. Love seeing how trusting your gut pays off for your little guy.

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I think Liam deserves a reward this weekend!

Opens June 30th…

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That is SO awesome! Congrats @ClaudnDaye and @ErinElizabeth !

This must mean that hard work pays off :slight_smile: You guys have been working SO HARD at getting there. This is SO well deserved!

SO SO SO SO SO :slight_smile:

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