Am I the only one?


… That feels like a damn Jedi master when I have a good 12 or 24 hour trend?


It feels great when you time things correctly for more than 12 hours, with a toddler. If does for me anyway…I feel the force with me. Lol


I’d feel great if i could nail that… for myself, no toddlers involved. Maybe i’ll hand my care over to you. :smiley:


Great job! The Force is definitely not with me at the moment… (Why is there no lightsabre emoticon when I want one!!! Definitely something that should be added in my opinion!!!)


Ha! EH had a good six hours today and I was stoked! And he’s not a toddler! (Is Liam still a toddler? When do they become kids? At 5? He’s not five yet. He’s not really toddling I suppose.) Good work!


Good question! I think it’s around 5 or 6? Thx!

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Your wish… :stuck_out_tongue:

We already had a :yoda:

Time for a :lightsaber: I suppose.


He will be a teenager before you know it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh you master of the emoticons!


There you go again Harold. Taking the credit for Liam’s brilliance.


He’s :yoda: I’m just trying not to cut my limbs off with the :lightsaber:



There you go again Harold. Putting the CGM on the wrong kid. Now show us one of Liam. Seriously, Congrats.


What I’m most happy about right now is that, for the past year really, we’ve been fighting to get back under 1% ‘severe lows’…we SHOULD BE under .4%, but we’ve just been having a bad year. Well, two weeks ago we crossed under 1% and are now at .9, so although it’s not the .4 that we should be at…it’s heading in the right direction and being under the 1% is a big milestone…just trying to stay there and improve that percentage more as we go.


What is your classification of “severe low”? Is it a number, a duration, a certain way he feels?

For example, I know they kind of give 70 as a number, but popping down to 65 for a few minutes isn’t too horrible.



Well, if it is any comfort, keep in mind that Dexcom will not pick up the recovery as quickly as he is actually recovering. Dexcom seems to linger with the lows for quite a while.

So keep working to improve, but you can probably know that his actual low time is not really as much as the Dex says.

As I am typing this, my Dex is in the next room beeping at me, and I am 94. So I am kind of laughing at it as I type.

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Yes, we don’t depend on these numbers as much anymore honestly. The dexcom just isn’t as accurate for us as it is for many people. When his CGM says 50, he may be 120 honestly. So we determine our numbers based off of the PDM / Glooka update more so than Dexcom, but the image was to show what we consider to be severe lows…and a 54 is; indeed, severe in our book, for Liam! We go there, but we try not to stay there but for a tick or two.

Having said that, though…these numbers still give me a pretty good estimation overall of how LIAM is doing. :smiley: I use these numbers (including the .9 very low) to indicate how we’re doing over the long term. Although the Dexcom is inaccurate many times, it is very accurate most of the time he’s flat or relatively flat. It’s only when he goes up quickly and drops quickly that the Dexcom just can’t keep up with his quickly changing BG’s. Once he’s leveled off or slowed down again, it’s much more accurate.


Sure, 54 isn’t ideal for anyone.

But I am just trying to offer comfort in the fact that if it was actually 0.9% of real time, that’s less than 13 minutes a day.

And he probably is not really below 55 for all of that time. So maybe it’s something like a couple minutes of actual time. So you guys are doing great!

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LIAM is doing great! :wink:

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My personal message to Liam:

When it’s bad, it’s all mom and dad’s fault…

But when it’s good, it’s all you baby! :grinning:


When he gets old enough to sign up for an account and actually starts using FUD himself, he’ll find this post one day, print it out, and use it to remind mama and I regularly of this. Thanks for that! :wink: