Umbilical Hernia Surgery coming up

Liam’s hernia hadn’t closed on its own so the doctors recommended surgery. They’ve indicated now is the best time to get the surgery done because, if the hole isn’t closed, it can cause severe issues in the future with him.

So we scheduled an outpatient surgery for him and that date is fast approaching - next Tuesday. Thanks to the internet and YouTube I’ve watched the procedure multiple times. Even though I know it’s a minor surgery I still can’t help but worry. Worrying about the anesthesia, worried about the actual scalpel and the surgeons hand performing the surgery…I know I shouldn’t worry but I do.

As Tuesday draws closer, plz keep Liam in your thoughts. I’ll post after the surgery is over with an update.


Hope it all works out well.

Will they let you monitor BG while it’s happening? Or do you need to formulate a basal plan?

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Haven’t even discussed that yet. For his Celiac test (stomach biopsy) they allowed him to have apple juice if needed for corrections and they wanted his BG above 200. It ended up only being 150 and I gave them the receiver to keep with them that they could use to monitor his bgs.

They called today and we have to call them back about the specifics.


You know, I tend to think it can be a good thing to be T1D in these situations. Routine procedures becoming too routine can lead to complacency. If doctors/surgeons are doing these things on me as a T1D, they have to pay attention to all kinds of extra things and maybe that makes them sharper all the way around. Just my theory so that I feel better about it.

I’m sure Liam will be in great hands…and he’s got the best care team at home anyone could have. I’ll be thinking about you guys.


@ClaudnDaye Harold, best of luck to the little guy. I can imagine you are frantic, but have trust in the docs. Should be a cake walk! He’ll be in my prayers.


Harold, it sounds like you have done your homework. We will pray, send good energy and generally expect the best for Liam. it is never a “minor” surgery when it is your family member. Hoping everything works well for him. Looking forward to the update.


I second @Chris’ sentiments wholeheartedly!


Harold, sending Liam and your whole family positive thoughts and a few hugs too. Here’s to a successful surgery with good BGs and no hiccups… and a swift recovery!!



Best wishes on a smooth, successful surgery. If I know you at all, you’ve done your homework and will be as prepared as humanly possible.

My thoughts will be with your little guy. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


Sending good thoughts!

I am a worrier, I feel you on that one. But rarely am I justified!

I’ll give a nod to showering Liam with positivity and love before they take him back, because he might remember that part (you and Erin Elizabeth’s smiling faces and kisses and hugs and braveness).

And I’m glad it’s getting done now, and that you didn’t have to find out in the future when it would have caused complications! So nice to fix it early!

It’s going to go well!!! Hugs to all you guys!

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Best wishes to Liam for a speedy recovery. He’s going to be sore for a several weeks. I know he will do well! :blush:

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Post surgical infection scares me more than anything tbh… The two or three weeks he’ll be recovering.


Update: Surgery went alright and he’s resting and recovering. He did have a scare last night, but he seems alright. I told Liam he shouldn’t cuddle me at night for the next few nights to a week because, when we cuddle, he’s usually right beside our baby (6 months old). The baby doesn’t understand his body movements right now…well, even though I told Liam it’s not a good idea, he wouldn’t stop crying until he was able to cuddle me. Of course, at 3AM, the baby kicks him as he’s thrashing around. It was time for more pain meds (we’re alternating Motrin / Tylenol) and after about 20 minutes, he said he felt better again. No bleeding and the dressings still look good and didn’t get saturated or bloody at all, so we think he’s alright. Since then he’s been fine. Tonight, though, I’m sure he’ll agree to sleep in his own bed. :smiley:

Today, he’s not wanted to be in bed at all…he’s only wanted to be up and about (hard to keep a toddler down). So I’m following him everywhere and making sure he’s not ran into or stumbles or anything and I’m carrying him up and down the stairs for now as he said it hurts his belly. I’m also helping him stand up right now.

Thanks for the thoughts.


Been keeping an eye on the calendar and thinking about you guys.

It is so hard to track little kids and keep them bubble-fied. After my youngest got 6 stitches up the bridge of his nose on his birthday, we were in charge of keeping him from getting sun exposure or re-injuring it. Then on my birthday (18 days later) he ran through a neighbor’s yard, dropped a leg in a sinkhole of sorts, and face planted on his stitches. So you have all of my empathy with this assignment. He’ll do great even with hiccups that you can’t control.

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Super glad the surgery went well @ClaudnDaye! Speedy recovery. :blush:

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Really glad the surgery went well. No way to keep a toddler down, hopefully his body tells him to take a nap or two …