Long week and, no Celiac

Sorry I’ve been around so little this past week. My 15-year old was admitted into the hospital last Sunday (no, it wasn’t an April fools joke, unfortunately) with severe abdominal pain. We found out he had a bowel obstruction which required surgery. Since Erin was nursing our newborn (who hasn’t had vaccinations yet), I was there with him 24/7. He was released yesterday after successful surgery and recovery. The worst part for him was the nose tube.

Anyway, this morning, I took Liam to get his biopsy done to test for Celiac and the doctor confirmed that he does not have Celiac, so we’re very happy to hear this and this removes some of the added stress that it would have brought had he had it.

Glad to be back home.


Wow. Glad your son is OK and that Liam doesn’t have celiac. Here’s hoping for smoother times ahead!


Glad to see you back. Hope Devlin is feeling better.

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He just threw up…so not 100%, but he’s out of the hospital, so that’s a start. Recovering from bowel obstruction surgery is a process. Apparently the intestines can forget how to function correctly after not working for a few days.

Wow so sorry to hear about this. It seems you and your family haven’t been able to catch a break for a while. Hopefully the spring and summer bring a run of health and happiness, and as much peace as a newborn will allow.

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Sounds like you’ve a rough time over there. I’m glad everyone is back home and either well or on the mend!

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That is quite a week! I am thankful everyone is home and on the mend. Also glad you caught the bowel obstruction and they were able to repair it. I hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon.

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Whew, what a rough week! Hooray on the no celiac, though, and I hope everyone is doing well now.

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Hope you and the family are doing better. :sunflower:

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