Tri Cities WA

My family and I are moving to the Tri Cities, WA area over the next couple weeks. My online research hasn’t turned up any active local diabetes groups in the area that I’ve seen… although it’s a big enough area that I imagine there must be some. Don’t have a lot of contacts in the area yet—Anyway, have a huge house there now with several guest bedrooms and a neighborhood pool within barefoot distance if any members are local or passing through…

Also a pool house that I think demands serious consideration for future FUD events…


Good luck with your move. Last time I was there was maybe 20 years ago, visiting relatives in Renton. Nice place!!

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It has changed so much since then… crazy growth

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Hope your move goes smoothly…and love the idea for an FUD meet-up!


Congrats, hope the move goes smoothly!

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I lived there for ~25 years, moved back to Spokane ~2 1/2 years ago.
What part of the Tri-Cities is your house located in, we lived in Kennewick the whole time?
Did work at the Hanford site take you there?

Personally I never really liked the area, too hot, dry, dusty and windy for me, I grew up in the mountains of northern Idaho and ended up in the Tri-Cities due to work. It became home after a while, as places do, but I’m glad to be further north and higher in elevation where it’s cooler and slightly more humid.

As for local diabetes groups, I never got connected to any but I did find a good endo, Katherine Brault. She has a small practice located in Richland.

If you have any questions about the area feel free to ask, I’ll tell you what I can.



Cool! No I’ll keep flying back and forth to Alaska for shipping work for now. Wife took an orthopedic NP job at one of the hospital groups there…

I should see if I can figure out what kind of government cheese racket they have going on out there at Hanford… I really don’t know much about what they’re doing out there in the desert.

We bought a house in West Pasco… seems like a nice neighborhood

Thanks for the doc recommendation!

Ah just looked her up… looks like she’s an NP… sometimes they’re easier to deal with than docs

Great first post @Wheelman, hopefully you are just getting started!

Am i really the only one that doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing in traffic circles down there? Or is everyone just winging it and hoping for the best


do you mean roundabouts?


I wouldn’t say your are the only one, but we have lots of roundabouts from the small 1 lane ones to the larger 2 and 3 lane variety. Are you running into crazy drivers, or just not good at picking when you have the right of way?

I think I might be the crazy driver… and several times when it appeared very obvious that I had to yield to wait for an opening for traffic already in the circle it seemed to ■■■■ off the people behind me…

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@Sam just channel your inner California driver. You won’t make friends, but you will survive.

We do things a little differently in alaska…

“We do things a little differently in alaska…”

I used to drive friendly as they say in Texas, until I started driving in Boston and California.

First time I went to Washington State, it was refreshing how people drove with courtesy and respect, except for the cars with bumper stickers\license plates\license plate frames that identified the driver as a California driver… Now it seems, at least in the greater Seattle area, everyone drives like they are from California - automotive kamikaze pilots.

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That happens sometimes in the 3 lane variety when the far right lane is protected and can only make a right turn and go exactly one spoke where you must turn onto the new road, i.e. a right turn. The other two lanes aren’t protected and must wait but the right turn is allowed, and since there is no other options to use that lane people get upset when others don’t keep the traffic flowing. But in the 2 and one lane variety like the one in the picture, you do need to wait. If like those, it might just be people who are having a bad day.


haha, I feel like drivers in Texas were way more aggressive than here in San Francisco. People here just drive idiotically, but not necessarily aggressively.

Yeah, don’t do that!!!

Traffic circles/round abouts have been in the Tri-Cities for years but some people just can’t seem to figure them out, be patient and pretty soon you’ll feel like a pro. I used to use them to practice my autocross driving. Fortunately the traffic in the Tri-Cities is still pretty decent so its a rare thing to have to wait long to pass through one.

Roundabouts are uncommon in the USA? :astonished: I thought the concept of a roundabout was pretty universal. :joy: