Transmitter question

Hi all!
It has been a while as things have been great even with the current crazieness. Being a nurse, I am in awe of the support and appreciation we have felt over the past few weeks. ANYWAY. I have the G6 and use Xdrip+ on my Samsung 9+. My transmitter was due to be changed out on 4/5 ish but has kept chugging along until I attempted to re-start my sensor. I usually have no problem doing this as I just pop out the transmitter, wait an hour, and pop it back in and re-start the session. Now today I have tried this and my Xdrip+ is saying “Hard Reset Transmitter? Unusual session start fsilure, is transmitter crashed? Try Hard Reset?” What should I do?


@sggmom62 Hi, great to see you here.
What serial number do you have on your transmitter? 8Gxxxx, 8Hxxxx, and 8Ixxxx can be problematic if not impossible to extend beyond 105 days. Dexcom has beefed up their anti-hacking efforts.



It is an 8J prefix so I guess I should be happy for the extra time I got?