Toilet Paper Woes

I gave up getting toilet paper in my local stores in Kingston, NY. I ordered 12 rolls from Amazon. That was a mistake! The shipment from Star999 in the Virgin Islands, is due to arrive April 29-May 20. That is a 33-56 day wait from the day I placed the order!! Here is some info from the Amazon page:
Arriving April 29 - May 20

12 PC Toilet Paper - Paper Towels Bulk, Hollow Replacement Roll Paper,1 Roll Paper Towels has about 170 Leaves,3 Layers - Paper Towels Select a Size 3.94’‘X3.94’’ (12PC)
Sold by: Star999
Condition: New

I am so glad the merchandise is NEW. I do not want any USED toilet paper!! :frowning:


Well the last time I was in Costco, I was just there buying groceries and I was the fifth person they let in the door from my group. I had just cleared the TV’s when all of a sudden a bunch of people (10-12) from behind me sprinted past. As I arrived in the meat section I noticed a long line, and suddenly it made sense I had witnessed the great toilet paper stampede of 2020. I am not sure what people are doing with the stuff, but it is apparently very valuable. :man_facepalming: