Tiny Lancets for Tiny Fingers

TiniBoy lancets for tiny, tender fingers…

TiniBoy Lancets - 36 gauge


Nice, thanks for sharing!

I want to mention that the thinner the gauge the more fragile they become. So swap those out more frequently than a 33 gauge.

(Like for @docslotnick , he’d have to swap them out every 1 year instead of every 2…)


33ga are the little ones

No, the higher gauge is a thinner lancet. 30 gauge is thicker than 33. And 33 is thicker than 36.

Correct-- big numbers = small needles. The smallest ones (largest number) available through most ordinary sources is 33 isn’t it?

What Britt posted was the 36 gauge for little fingers, which is even smaller than what we are used to.

Ah, roger that, I thought it was just a nice pic and didn’t see the link

@ClaudnDaye, @TiaG, what needles do you use?

Onetouch Delica Extra Fine 33 Gauge


I think same. as @ClaudnDaye

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