BD Needles: Ultra-Fine, Micro-Fine, Pentapoint differences?

I was going to order some 8mm needles to test @Eric’s assertion about faster action, which was contradicting the research that @Michel had posted.

But I find that there are many different needle options, really. I want BD needles because that’s what we use, and everyone seems to believe they are better. The ones we use are Ultra-Fine with Pentapoint. I also see, on Amazon, regular Ultra-Fine, and also Micro-Fine, all in 8mm length 31G gauge.

What are the differences? I don’t seem to find an explanation when searching for it. BD does not show the difference on the product pages (that I can find)

I can’t answer about the differences, but I can tell you that I use the Ultra-Fine 8mm 31G, and I think these are really good.

When you do your comparison with the 8mm needles, I encourage you to use BG tests for validation. Dexcom is never the way to go for tests like that. I particularly noticed a difference with bigger boluses.


Thank you. I took your data and just bought a box! I will report on results.

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