The rise and fall of Pebble, Dexcom display watch

Many of us used a Pebble watch to display Dexcom info. Since the disappearance of Pebble, It has become more difficult to find a good Android ecosystem watch to collect CGM data.

I was sorry to see them go. But I had never quite understood what happened to them. This fascinating article discusses the story of Pebble, its meteoric rise, and its final fall:

As a note, over the past two years, I have read some outstanding journalism out of Business Insider. Check out their insulin pricing series! It has become a valuable and esteemed source of good information for me.


It seems that the market is ready for consumer oriented health data collecting and displaying watches.

It would be good business for some of these smaller watch companies to recognize this and create their niche in this space instead of trying to be everything to everybody.

It’s really a shame that mismanagement and a lack of insight sunk such a promising concept as the Pebble Watch.