The ReliOn Premier Blu: a new Walmart Bluetooth meter with cheap strips


Being it’s Independence Day week, the developers are not in and I need to find out from them when the update is due.

As far as the download feature, your doctor simply needs to call the customer service phone number on the back of the meter and we will set up their location for Arkcare Advance.


I will try to get an answer about the upcoming update by end of next week.


I was told yesterday that an update for the ReliOn Life app will be available at the start of August. It’s going through testing and then will be submitted with our regulatory dept. Assuming everything goes smooth you should see the update available.


Has anyone invited Jenny Ruhl to join here ?


I’ve been traveling since my relion kit arrived so I hadn’t actually even had a chance to open it yet, but I am looking forward to it


Scott, my niece bought me the ReliOn Premier Blu during my hospital stay. Although I wasn’t able to enable the blue tooth feature (no PIN came up), I can still manually enter the data, which is fine with me. My question is, is there a print feature, or will there be. I would like to be able to print out the data so I can give it to my doctors/dietitians/etc.


It’s coming in an update. I believe in October, but, I will confirm.

We need to address the issues before making enhancements.


No worries. I understand life can get hectic.

Just let me know when you post so I can check it out.



@ReliOnAM Picked up one of these meters a month or two ago. My overall impressions of the meter itself are very good. Love the price of the meter and strips. The meter itself is very easy to use, and the screen is great with the back light. The app definitely still has some major issues. I have troubles getting it to sync to my phone almost every time I go to do it. I am pretty sure the app updated fairly recently on my phone however it seems to be just as bad at syncing if not even worse than before. I am on android. If there is anything I can do to help you guys out with debugging to improve the situation I would be more than happy to try to help if I can.

I would also love to be able to get the data out of the app and into something else, simple csv export would be a great first start. I thought about attempting to put together my own android app to try to pull data from the meter into something easier to consume and/or get data out of.
Do you know, or can you ask the developers if the data being transmitted from the meter to your app is in some kind of proprietary hidden format, or would it be possible to query it to read the info? I would love to figure out how it works & possibly contribute that functionality to some of the open source community apps out there such as glucosio. I think the app is currently only able to read results from the freestyle meters, which are a huge rip off compared to your meters.


I absolutely love my Relion Prime. I find it to be incredibly accurate AND reliable. In fact, as some have heard me drone on about, I find I trust its readings more than I do my Contour. (That’s okay, Contour fans, we can still coexist. There’s enough room in diabetes for all of us). :grin:

With all of that being said, I was not impressed with the Premier Voice system. I found its values consistently to be significantly higher than readings from my other meters with as many as 10 or 15% of the values being 50 or more points off. I love all of my meters, but this one has been put away.

The Blu that you speak of, however, at that price, I look forward to checking it out. Thanks for posting!


Hello all, newbie here.

I’ve used the Reli On Ultima meter the last 10 years and am hopefully migrating to the Premier now that the Ultima is discontinued.
I’m a little dubious however. Case in point is just today, feeling a little low so I checked with the Premier: 101… OK must be just feeling a little off what with that apple pie sitting there LOL

An hour later still feeling a little low checked with the Premier again: 100… hmm
So I double check with the old Ultima and one of my few remaining strips: 67
Ah, that’s more what I feel like so I check again with the Premier: 72!

So in the space of an hour with the Premier I get 101, 100, then 10 minutes later 72.

Not very confidence inspiring.

Anyone else have experience? I really want to like this machine, maybe I’m being too critical?


I get numbers like that with all the meters I’ve used…

Lol having a meter that reads 100 when you start to feel low will set you up for a stellar A1C


I don’t think these new ones are as accurate as the Relion Prime or Confirm/micro, from what I’ve seen.


Agreed, Mike.

I think the new ones suck. Big mistake by Walmart!


@Pops, I believe we have seen serious comparative reviews of the Ultima but not so far if the Premier, so we don’t know yet how it compares. @Eric, have you seen the Premier listed in a solid comp review yet?


@Pops, forgot to mention, @Eric did a very good review of the Premier:


Thanks for the feedback and effort by eric.

After a little more searching I found this study by ADA

Doesn’t include the Premier but does show the Ultima that I’ve been using for 10 years to be off by >20% 5% of the time, not the worst but close. Which, perversely, gives me confidence that the trade off of lower price / more testing vs less accuracy is worthwhile.

Perhaps I’ll get one of the more accurate models for road trips or when I’m using the table saw, lol.


I have been using the premier blue and love it. The software could be improved and it would be awesome. I would love to assist in the development as I am very new to diabetes but build software products as a product manager. It seems the industry is focused on over priced supplies and no real information sharing.


The app needs a way to export data. The lack of any graphical history is a big gap.


I don’t need a free meter but I am very interested in providing feedback.