The perfect 5-carb correction snack for home

We all have our favorites when it comes to correction sugar!

@docslotnick goes for donuts. @Eric likes Guiness and ice-cream. @daisymae, as we all know, always goes for G-tabs. @CarolynA’s favorite is gu (at least in her triathlons) :slight_smile:

We often reference Skittles and Jelly Beans, because they each are about 1 gram of sugar – easy count. They definitely don’t have the flavor of a donut or of rich, gooey ice cream, but they count easily.

We just found, however, a new favorite, not to take on the road but for home! Check out these delicious macarons from Trader Joe’s:

They get raves from good reviewers such as serious eats or sometimes foodie, they are reasonably easy to find, they are best kept in the freezer (although we now keep a box in the fridge) and they are about 5 carbs (see exact details below), a convenient amount for us!

We find them reliably in the local Trader Joe’s stores:

Here is the chowhound thread on Trader Joe’s macarons, the feedback is almost uniformly very good:

I have had macarons from Laduree, supposedly the very best macaron place in the world – I think these do pretty well! They come in two varieties:

  • a box of 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla, 40 calories per, exactly 5 carbs each

  • a box of 12 in 6 assorted flavors, 40 calories per, 5.67 carbs each

The boxes sell for $5 a pop, so you are talking about $0.40 per correction, more than Skittles, but not too much of a splurge once or twice a day.


Yum! I need to replenish my correction snacks (currently gummy bears :grin:), as mine are getting kind of hard…you’ve made me want to try something new this time!


@Pianoplayer7008 I’m so glad you chimed in! I now realize that these are probably gluten-free! I love the idea of having something that’s dessert-like on hand, but not sticky and messy (ice cream, I’m looking at you) to measure and serve.

Thanks for sharing @Michel!


Time for a trip to TJ’s.:blush:


Oh, I just connected some dots! It’s not the insulin that’s making me gain weight …


Cool, thanks for sharing! I will definitely try to find some.

You might be partial to them because of the “French” that is inherent in them. :wink:

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dont forget that Daisy Mae is obsessed with chocolate :wink:


Yes! I love almost all gummy candies. Currently I’m munching off Black Forest gummy bears (labeled GF) I bought for my daughter at Easter. :slight_smile: It’s great because they’re ~2 carbs each. I’m extremely carb sensitive when low, and it only takes one or two to halt a drop (usually), and another two to bring me back up in range.

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That’s funny! The other day I had a little low and as a joke my wife gave me an old chocolate Easter egg she found in the candy drawer, thinking that the fact it was 5 months old wouldn’t bother me at all.

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LOL yeeaahhh that’s why they’re getting a little tough to chew. :laughing: But now’s a great time to find a new candy option.


I love macarons! Rescued myself at a French bakery in Vancouver with these little gems. :smile_cat:

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I love gummy bears! I tried to keep some around for lows but I couldn’t stop eating them. I actually prefer them a little hard…

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I’m glad I’m not the only one! :laughing: I just have jaw problems, so it’s not really ideal for me to eat them much after they get that hard. I do find it hard to stop eating them at times, especially when I get one of those eat-everything-in-sight lows!

I’ve had and really enjoyed the TJs macarons—despite generally loving chocolate, I really wasn’t that into the chocolate flavored ones (others I was with had the same reaction), but all of the others were delicious! They usually also have seasonal pumpkin spice ones that are great (though if they aren’t out now, maybe not this year), and then peppermint ones with a chocolate filling at the holidays that are maybe the best of all of them. Such a good deal given how expensive macarons generally are!

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