The oscars awards

did anyone watch the Oscars? did anyone see any of the movies that were nominated? did anyone have a strong opinion about who won and who shouldnt have won and who should have won?

were there any movies that you saw this past year and was amazed that they didnt make the cut? were there any movies you would recommend seeing and why?

what did you enjoy most?

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OK, I feel like I am totally unplugged out of pop culture right now… I did not even realize that had happened recently.

How did you like the show, DM? What do you think of the winners?

You’re not the only one. Currently no tv/internet, plus my constant companions are a 3yo and 10mo…I’m up on my Disney princess movies, but that’s about it. :laughing:


i cant make a decision about the oscar winners b/c i hadnt seen the all the nominated films. but i did see a few of them and my favorite had to be The Darkest Hour staring Gary Oldman. i loved the costumes, i loved the prosthetics, and i very much enjoyed his acting. however, it was very slow, and at one point i actually fell asleep. :wink: .

we saw Lady Bird, and i found it to be childish and not worthy of any nominations. there was nothing to it. it laid flat.

PS: i very very much enjoyed the film 3 Billboards…with Francise McDormand and Woody Harrilson. i cherished every moment of it and would recommend it to everyone.

we also saw Dunkirk and i thought that although somewhat informative from a documentary perspective, but it was absolutely dull. there was nothing spectacular about the acting the direction, nor the pace. i did enjoy the choriagraphy, though. there was very limited dialogue, and you couldnt care less about the characters. nothing empathetic or educational.

(boy do i have some strong opinions :wink: .)

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I saw that movie too (the only one among those you cited).

I came from the opposite extreme: I knew the story well to start with. I was very irritated by the numerous stupidities in the movie, that were totally unrealistic, but crafted for drama. I thought that they neglected anything of value in the story which they could have exploited, instead going for the pure shock drama: it did not ask any of the hard questions, or show the difficult quandaries that the circumstances provoked among both actors and decision-makers. On the other hand, it glorified examples of poor soldiers: there were many more, 100s of 1000s, that behaved in an exemplary fashion there in very difficult circumstances.

They could have done a great job—instead, I find it a poor piece of history and a boring dramatic movie. So I found this movie worthless to me, and would recommend it to nobody.

I loved Get Out and was glad it won for screenplay and would have been thrilled (but shocked) had it won Best Picture. I really enjoyed Shape of Water, although I’m not sure I’d have picked it for Best Picture, but I can support that. Three Billboards I did not really like overall—thought it was beautifully shot with great performances but shoddy character development (either absent or completely unbelievable, depending on the character) and kind of like there was a good movie perhaps in there, but not adequately thought through. One my favorite movies from last year was I, Tonya, which I think deserved a Best Picture nomination. Allison Janney’s performance was indeed amazing, and it was one of the best examples of an unreliable narrator in film I can think of. I haven’t seen Lady Bird or Call Me By Your Name and very much want to see both.

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