The Gold Star Game

Liam and I have started a new game which, so far, has really been fun for him. So, I have been switching back and forth for the past year or so with telling him what to do -vs- asking him “what would you do?” Recently, I started up a new game which I’ve coined the Gold Star game because I lack creativity. But the result is that I am now ONLY “asking” him “what would I do” in a given circumstance. IF he gets the correct answer (according to what I would do), he gets a gold star. IF his answer varies significantly from what I would do under the circumstance then he doesn’t get a new star (but he also doesn’t lose any previously earned stars.) After 5 stars he gets $1.

So far, he’s having a blast for the game and never wants me “telling” him what he should be doing…he’s craving every opportunity to earn those stars so only wants to think about it and answer on his own.

For those kiddo’s getting older, but who aren’t on their own yet to do total D-management on their own, I’m finding this to be a fun game for Liam that keeps him engaged, learning and INTERESTED in being the best d-manager possible. The more, and earlier, he learns the right things to do, the easier the transition will be for his complete management one of these days.


@ClaudnDaye That’s a great way to build interest and self-reliance! Hope it keeps working with Liam! Congrats!


Seems like a nice step to let Liam take charge and earn some cash on the side. How old is he these days? Time seems to be moving pretty fast. Soon you will be asking “why did you do that?”, and “did it work?” I have been amazed at some of the solutions involving lots of insulin and food that I would have thought inadvisable prior to meeting @Eric


He’ll be 9 on Dec 30th. It’s crazy we’ve been in this journey for going on 7 years and he’s not even 10 yet! Diagnosed on Feb 16th, 2016 (I think that’s right anyway! Lol)


I was diagnosed Feb 22, Washington’s Bday!! (1965)

My Mom remembers this, and greatful that my grandparents were visiting and able to help out, while she took me to Doctor, then straight to hospital. Alot has changed since then.

But I don’t remember getting gold stars for remembering to test my urine.


This is a great way for him to learn!

A lot of the D process is intangible. It can be based on things that the numbers don’t represent. So there may be times where his suggestion is correct, even though they didn’t agree with what you thought at the time.

When it turns out that he was correct, even though it did not agree with your thoughts at the moment, triple stars for him, right?!? :grinning:

:star: :star: :star:


I carefully think about his responses and even if they don’t match what I was thinking, if they are equally as right or close, he gets those stars


Me either! Diagnosed at 5 years old. (In 1980). Would have LOVED to earn money with gold stars! (Good for you Liam! Earn that money! :slightly_smiling_face:)