Thanksgiving cheat sheet

This just popped up on my Facebook feed. Can’t attest to its accuracy but it’s a pretty nice one-page cheat sheet for tomorrow.image


Definitely not posted by the Bernstein followers…

But what a great resource.

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I love sauerkraut and my family claims to have German heritage, but even they’d look twice at me if I showed up with sauerkraut on Thanksgiving!

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It is a great resource, and thanks for posting it! Good to have a ball park idea of what’s going in.

I did check a couple against Wolfram Alpha, the database that Apple’s Siri uses to calculate carbohydrates, and every item came back between 4 to 6 grams lower than what was listed on the chart. Although I never really know what to trust anyhow when it comes to carb counts. :smile:

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The counts on the chart seem lower than the ones in my brain… I’m not much of a carb counter though I’m more of an eye baller


I agree with your brain. Add 15-20% to the numbers listed in the cart.

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Awesome resource in one place, very handy!

I also think some of these numbers need upping a bit. It may well be our cooking style :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! A nice one stop shop.

The FatSecret app is also a good resource.


Does anyone know how much vodka you are supposed to put in the mashed potatoes?


Clearly, THIS is why I don’t enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

Also: if Cognac is your thing, Martha and Snoop have you covered.