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when I was freshly diagnosed with TD1 I was introduced to carb counting with the help of flash cards. These are life sized images of meals or meal components and on the reverse side they have the carb content of those meals.

Because I was terrible at carb counting, I started weighing my meals and that works well. Unfortunately, it is very impractical to weigh things in a restaurant or when you’re on the go. Does anyone know an app that has images of meals (ideally meals that are demonstratively divided up on the plate) with which I can practice carb counting or, alternatively, where to order those cards?

I would really appreciate some pointers in this. The fitness apps are good, but unfortunately they don’t have images and a plate of potatoes and Schnitzel can vary a fair bit from one place to the next.

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Because ingredients vary from place to place as you acknowledged, I don’t know how any type of flash cards would be helpful since it may or may not be accurate based on the place you are dining at. We use the “best guess” method with our son when our dining and never count the carbs. We estimate, Bolus, watch and correct as necessary.

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Carbs & Cals is pretty good:)

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@Makde, if there any resources out there this group will turn it up. When eating out my son finds the biggest issue isn’t the carbs it is the varying amounts of fat that restaurants put in things. Like for mashed potatoes, one place we frequent only uses 10% by weight butter to potatoes, but the other place uses 40% by weight (we asked). The variable amount of fat in restaurant meals really changes the digestion. Good luck on the carb counting journey, it isn’t easy, but it isn’t rocket science either.


bitesnap works well for me, after you take the picture, youll have to double check/ adjust the portion size, and the carbs are usually lower on the screen, i prefer it to others because there’s less ads/obnoxious ads


@ClaudnDaye ,
I use the same app you guys use. :wink: