Tandem Infusion Sets

Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered previously, but I was not able to find the info using the search tool.

Does anyone using a Tandem pump know the difference between an “Autosoft 90” and “Autosoft XC” infusion set? I looked on both the Tandem and UnoMedical sites, and they appear to be the same. I am looking to try a different set this time around so I can get a +30 inch tube and would appreciate any feedback you might have.

The Autosoft 90 is just the t:90 with an updated connector.

Not sure what the XC is?

@Chris, me either, unless the connection grip is marginally different? So confusing…guess I will have to call Tandem on Monday for clarification.

For anyone interested, the difference between the Autosoft 90 and the Autosoft XC is the grip at the quick disconnect adapter according to Tandem. They state that while the Autosoft XC has a smaller connector, it is easier to engage and disengage than the Autosoft 90. Guess I will have to get a box next time and actually find out for myself…