Tandem, Dexcom & Ozempic: Site Rotation

I now have three things to rotate and I’m not sure I’m doing it enough. I can’t seem to get my tandem to stick without ripping out the site other than my stomach. The dexcom goes upper butt/lower back side to side. The Ozempic shot was in thighs, but sometimes I forget and go right in stomach where I did MDI for years. I think the Tandem is the most damaging site so I have to figure out how to use my arms and legs without ripping it out. Tips?

I have different insulin sensitivity depending on site. Stomach>Hips>Thighs>>Arms. Dexcom works on my stomach and arms pretty well. Tried my thigh once and it didn’t work. Maybe with G7 I’ll try some other sites. At the same time I’m trying not to beat the heck out of my stomach skin. So generally I rotate my pump between hips, thighs and stomach while swapping Dex between inner and outer triceps of each arm.

I use Omnipod now but when I used Medtronic I could make the Arms and Thighs work ok by wearing a form fitting tshirt or underwear.

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I’ve had good results with Skin-Tac, which is a medical adhesive liquid. I got a small bottle from Amazon, and apply it to the skin with a q-tip, leaving a small hole in the middle where the cannula will go. I would apply the glue, wait for it to become tacky but not quite dry, then insert the infusion set. But some people find Skin-Tac irritating, so it may or may not be suitable. Another medical adhesive liquid is called Mastasol. I use that with a q-tip to re-glue tape that’s starting to peel up around the edges.