Tagging is now possible

Now I can tag this post

Sure enough, there is a tag option for this topic at the bottom of my posting screen.

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There is an arrow at the top of my reply screen saying “Tagging is now possible”

But it does not allow me to tag when I reply.

However, if I go and edit the original post I can tag it then.

The doc says users can filter topics by tags etc. but I can’t find how.

Trying to tag. Same issue, message that appears like a hyperlink but doesn’t go anywhere.

Can’t tag my reply even on edit.

It is only possible for the first message of a topic. That makes sense, though.

In other words, a whole topic is only tagged once, at the beginning, by the author (although a mod can edit that).

I also found how to filter by tags: When you look at the list of topics, you’ll see tags. When you click on one tag, you get to the tag list!

My conclusion: we should totally use tagging. If the users don’t do it well, the mods can edit the first post of a thread. Since you only tag a thread once, it’s not a lot of work.

There is a setting, “Show a dropdown to filter a topic list by tag.” I made this change, now there is a drop-down that allows you to filter based on tags. Will add this to the change log.

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Where is the dropdown? I can’t find it.

On the main screen, where you can click on Categories…beside this is now the ability to filter by Tags. So, if you; instead of seeing a specific category, want to see all posts that have a specific tag, you can filter by the tag instead.

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I’d call that a team tag:-)

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This tagging is really pretty cool. If everybody tags their new topic it will make finding things very easy.