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Hey there!

One Drop is giving away three chances to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Click below to take a 5-minute survey on how you manage diabetes:


Mary Elizabeth

Perhaps it would be useful to introduce yourself as someone who works for One Drop.


Hey Eric,

Yes, sure thing! I work at One Drop ( – we’re hoping to hear how we can make our app (for those that don’t know us, a logging tool for diabetes moments) better in terms of how each person manages (logs, keeps track of) their diabetes.

Thank you!

Mary Elizabeth

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Since I live in Sweden we don’t pay for any of this you trying to sell to me.
I use xDrip as my app and that one is free to use. The movements I am a member of solidarity is the currency, so we do not have to trust people who is making money of our lifelong desease.

//Lars :slight_smile:

Thanks for chiming in, Lars! Our app is also free – I also have diabetes (t1) and have weighed in on how to make the app better, but we’d love to hear from others, as we know everyone (everyone!) manages differently. I’ll have to check out xDrip! Thanks for sharing!


Hmm, the app is free, yes but the rest isn’t. Our network is very powerfull, I don’t know of any unanswerd question among us.
My A1c is 5.1 at the moment, with almost all readings in the green. I normally don’t use bolus since i eat ketogenic food. I do metfromin also :slight_smile: feelling the very best of me :wink: