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In case @CarlosLuis didn’t have this article I thought he might want to read it, plus anyone else that might not be aware. Especially critical in a hospital if they give a dextrose drip to a type 2 that doesn’t have insulin to use. It’s amazing with all the people you told @TomH that you still ended up with a dextrose drip. I have only told the anesthesiologist before surgery, and recovery nurses, but the couple of times I’ve had something done it has always been outpatient.

@CarlosLuis Here is a really good paper that I came across a few years ago warning about high blood sugars in a type 2 potentially causing Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Syndrome. It gives an explanation about it and the most common causes are infections, then certain medications, age, and cardiac events. I believe, although a rarer occurrence in type 2’s than DKA in type 1’s, it carries a much higher mortality risk when it does occur.


Thank you!:kissing_heart:

Edit to add- That is a great article. I would hope that it would be part of every ER, Surgical team, Recovery and Care staffs’ continuing education.


This works if the phone permissions are set right. Mine wasn’t but I just changed that to allow it:

Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Today View and Search

You’re right that T2s need the same awareness, apologies for not saying it. Thanks for adding it in!


@bkh Thanks for adding the settings needed for the Lock Screen check of widgets. I must admit, iPhone’s have so many settings anymore, I have issues following them all. I still haven’t spent the time to figure out the usefulness of “focus” settings for a retired dude to use; I’m sure I’m not effectively using many of my phone’s capabilities and likely don’t need many of them….