Strips on amazon? Best choices?

I know we’ve talked about this recently, but my search turned up older conversations. Can you guys weigh in on best Amazon strips to try?

Yes, without a doubt! Trust me on this!

There are a lot of cheap strips, but cheap is not always the best deal when the strips are giving you readings all over the place.

Consistently, the Contour Next places as one of the best in Gary Scheiner’s best meter ratings:

What is amazing, is that the strips are incredibly cheap too! When you buy the bigger amount of strips, they are cheaper per strip.

On Amazon, 300 strips are about 22 cents per strip.

You can’t get a better combination than that - top of the accuracy list, and cheap too!

I have no complaints with the numbers I’ve seen on mine. You might find a bit cheaper, but not one as accurate and cheap! Only 22 cents!

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Okay, so this is really helpful and helps put things in perspective. Thank you, @Eric!!

Hypothetically speaking, of course, if I’m paying for verio test strips (200/$66), would it be worth transitioning to the contours (300/$68), assuming quality/reliability are thrown into the mix? On the whole, I’ve been pleased with my One Touch Verio. I did have what seemed to be a bad batch of strips recently, but then again, perhaps that batch fell prey to some humidity issues. Still, it’d be nice to have an extra 100 strips for $2.

Thoughts? Thanks again for being our testing guru here. Can’t imagine this forum without you–which is to say, no absolutely insane tests in the near future, okay?!

I second the motion for the Contour Next One. Look on Amazon for the seller PoeticSag. Cost for 300 strips has ranged from $60-$66 over the past few months, but have always found this seller has the lowest price. Free shipping, and the strips got here within two days of ordering.

A bonus for me is that the Contour Next One has Bluetooth communication with xDrip+ so the calibration tests can be automatically entered.

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@Irish I use the Amazon app to order. This is the lowest price range for 300 Next One strips right now

I have used some cheaper strips, and with those cheapo knock-off brands, what I have found is that one vial seems dead-on correct, it lines up perfectly with my FreeStyle Lite meter, and then the next vial gives me wonky number all over the place.

The Contour strips have been consistent from one to the next vial.

Their meters are actually pretty cheap. They have several different models to choose. I like the small one. I’d suggest getting a meter and giving them a go, a few hundred strips. At the end of the time, you’ve had a few hundreds strips to test with and if you don’t like it, the worst case is that you are only out the cost of the meter.

I have an extra I can send you, if you want it.

Another good thing about this meter, if you don’t apply enough blood, it doesn’t screw up the whole strip, it gives you a second chance to put on more blood. Most meters don’t give you that option, they just error out.


As always, thank you, @Eric and @docslotnick!

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i am also looking to find an affordable price for extra test strips. Medicare will only cover 10/day. i usually go to Amazon for my One Touch Ultra Blue strips. at the pharmacy they charge $150/100 strips. on Amazon i can get 300 strips for $150. but still, that is very pricey. ( i have always loved my meter b/c it is so accurate that it lines up perfectly with my A1cs)

but i do need something much more in my price range. this Contour Next sounds perfect. and the $$$ of the strips sounds much more affordable that what i am paying OOP right now.

I will look for it; can i find the meter over the counter or order it on line? (and btw, i hated the Verio. i got really inconsistent readings on it. generally on the high side, but like you said “wonky.”)

@daisymae The best price I found on the contour next one was at Wal-Mart in store. I recall it being about $12. The larger contour next meter that uses the same strips was, as I recall, about $8. At Amazon the best I found was about $17.

@docslotnick, was that the contour next ez version that was $8? And is it compatible with the above-mentioned strips?

@Irish I don’t remember the exact model, just that it was larger than the contour next one. In any event yes,all the contour next meters use the same strip.

thanks, doc

This is the one you want. It doesn’t look like Grandma’s BG meter, like some of them.:grinning:

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@Eric Great find! In going to have you do all of my Amazon shopping from now on :smile:

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I really like that smaller one, it doesn’t look as lame as this one:

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eric, the ones i found on Amazon are already expired. should i be concerned about this? i know you are the guinea pig of all things out of date/expiration, so i figure you would be the go-to-guy for the answer.

(but i did find them quantity 6,300 for $67 bucks; you cant really beat that, unless of course they really have expired and are not worth the blood drop you put into them)

@daisymae Look up PoeticSag on Amazon. 300 strips for $64. Expiration dates in 2019.

will do. thx

doc, wasnt able to find this deal on the site you told me about. is it possibly under a diff name?

Use this link:
100 strips for $20.07