Strictly About Pizza


your in good company @daisymae


You could probably swim one lap very quickly, right? You’d be breathing very heavily when you finished, and tired, but you could do that.

But you can’t swim 10 laps at the same pace. You wouldn’t last.

In the same way, your digestive system can digest 20 grams of carbs at a much faster rate than 100 carbs. Even more than 5 times as fast (5x20=100).

There is a limit to how much can get processed by your stomach in a certain time.

It takes 100 people more time to get out of a room with 1 door than it would take if there were 50 doors, right?

That is what is meant by saying it is “non-linear”.


After discovering how easy it is to make my own low carb crust, I stopped eating pizza from a restaurant because most of the time it just isn’t worth spending the extra money on GF crust that’s going to cause my BG grief when I can’t even eat cheese (pizza without cheese is just sad). Well, tonight I really didn’t want to have to cook, or drag the kids out to go pick something up, so pizza delivery it was. The guy arrived much faster than anticipated, so I wasn’t able to prebolus a bunch of Novolog beforehand as planned, so this is me winging it - truly, I dosed Novolog based entirely off instinct, no carb counting at all. :fearful: which I still am half surprised it worked out. All BG #s are Libre unless noted:

5:45 pizza (equivalent of 2-3 pieces? They slice it differently) and salad (92)
6:07 4u Afrezza (100)
6:35 1u Novolog (115)
6:50 1u Novolog (134)
7:45 2u Novolog (174)
7:55 141
8:10 152
8:15 16 carbs (131)
8:25 106 (119 ReliOn)
10:00 83 (97 ReliOn)

If I had trusted my instincts, I might have ended up with close to a flat line - when I ate the pizza, I knew a 4u wasn’t going to be adequate (but I’m out of 8s and rationing my 4s, haha). My instinct was to go ahead and dose 1u Novolog while eating, even with the Afrezza because I knew I was guaranteed a spike soon after the Afrezza did its initial work. However, I was home alone bathing my kids, so I nervously chose the “safe” route. My Libre gave up following the drop around the time I ate a snack, giving me the check symbol, which is why I started verifying with my meter. It eventually caught back on and I steadily sat in that 100-120 range the rest of the night.


Sounds unlimited to me!





Woah! Awesome magic trick!!!


Continuing to experiment … I read in a study recently about how 30/70 split over 2.5 hours worked well for pizza, so tried it last night – forgetting I’d already tried something similar with poor results. But whereas the first time (35/65/2.5 h) I went high and stayed high, last night – with the same amount of the same pizza – I went low and stayed low, going through a tube and a half of glucose tabs throughout the night.

So, @Beacher, repeat after me: Stick with your tried-and-tested 60/40 split over 3 hours


just when i think i have the formula down, when i try and repeat it, it doesnt work. i just do my best, enjoy, and let it go. then i correct later if needed (which is usually the case :wink: )

and BTW, i really did think i had it down pat, b/c twice in a row it worked perfectly. a beautiful flat line throughout. never lower than 100, never higher than 130. (and i would have been satisfied with 180.)


I’ve had more than my usual opportunity to play with my pizza formula recently, and tonight was a huge success (so far at least), and I had to share. Despite me eating, well, let’s just say more than I originally planned, and not having an active Libre sensor (so just using my meter), it still worked out (with more than my TDD just for this :laughing: ).

6:20 pizza (BG 99)
6:40 4u Afrezza/4u Novolog
7:10 154
7:36 121
7:45 135
8:15 92
8:35 112 2u Novolog
9:15 135
9:45 109


Looks like you’ve got that one figured out. Well done.


Well, as it usually happens, the past two times I’ve had pizza since thinking I figured it out have been not as good in one way or another. Tonight’s didn’t go very high (or stay there too long), but almost went low initially after eating, which required treating to head off, then the bolus for the 2nd spike wasn’t enough, and then I had a 3rd spike, which is unusual, but probably had to do with the low treatment (2g carbs!), running errands, and/or the position of the stars…

All in all, guess I’ll just have to keep experimenting. :wink:


And what happened after the low? After you rebounded did you go high 2, 3 or more hours later?


I fell asleep and then didn’t check within the 8hr window so lost that data on my Libre. :slightly_frowning_face: Based on how it looked after that, though, I think I didn’t have a rebound high.


Just wanted to share a pretty awesome pizza encounter last night:

The trick: We bolused 1.0 units upfront for 3 pieces of pizza (about 45 g of carbs with these slices).
About 1.5 hours later we bolused another 1.0
and then another 0.6 units about another hour or two later.

Flatline all night… he did rise up high in the morning (dawn phenomenon and openAPS died so it couldn’t catch it), but this was pretty amazing. No lows, no highs, for 8+ hours.

Of course, i know for many of y’all, being above 120 for so many hours would be considered high. For us though, this is a great night!!!


Nice graph! Awesome experience! We’ll experiment with this method with Liam in the future. He usually goes over 200 at least for a while, 5 - 6 hours later. It looks like from your numbers, we may just need to be more aggressive with the bolusing later when the rising start.


I think so much of it is about the cheese. There are some Neapolitan pizzas we’ve experimented with where he needs less insulin. I’m positive the carb count is the same but those crusts just hold less cheese so it’s less fat and he needs a lot less insulin.



two large slices for lunch. bolused for 100gms carbs. 35/65 % on a 2 hour extended bolus. never went above 170, but before that i was never above 100, and once i hit the 170, within 1/2 hour i came back down to 101 without a correction bolus.

OMG!!! i am totally using this formula again. it was exceptional as far as pizza goes; my second slice was extra cheesy and delicious.


Awesome! I love eating “bad” foods for lunch. It’s my best time of day because I have greater insulin sensitivity/less insulin resistance, and I usually have more time to stay on top of it, uninterrupted by morning crazies or bedtime routines. My hubby’s bringing me a burger and fries right now, actually…


i like eating pizza and burgers/fries as a late lunch b/c i can do an extended bolus and watch my BGs easily. also, b/c i walk to and from the restaurant, i am getting the juices running.


We went out for pizza for an early birthday dinner last night. I ended up giving my son a bit of my (no cheese) pizza because he was still hungry after all of the regular pizza was eaten, but I ate most of mine, and my formula worked again - great birthday present.

(Side note: my Libre is reading ~10-15 lower than actual BG, so those lows aren’t true lows).